355 Verbs to Use for the Word chair

He came along now with his quick, light step and drew a chair up beside Reginald's couch.

Henshaw bowed and took the chair the other indicated.

" It was then Mr. Kaminer pushed back his chair, flopped down his napkin, and rose, breathing heavily enough, but his face set in an exaggerated kind of quietude as he moved through the maze of tables, exchanged a check for his hat, and walked out.

Merchant Prince (placing his chair next to Slangy Daughter's, and leaning his elbow on her.)

In one of the reports of the Coroner's investigation of the Twenty-third street murder, it was mentioned that "Several ladies and some young children occupied chairs within the railing.

Here Patricia was also brought in her wheel chair by Beth, who then left the two invalids together.

" Donnegan left his chair and began to pace the floor.

Then he pulled up another chair, and sat down beside me.

"I am sorry that you didn't wake me," I said to Katie, as she moved the chairs in the room to their respective places.

He turned in his chair and faced me, although his face was still in shadow.

He offered us chairs and sat down himself.

The problem of academic rule is not to attract a large number of students, to put up imposing buildings, to have endowments, and fill chairs with learned specialists; to grant many degrees, and to keep the hum of a teaching staff and of a student body alive in the ears of a community, marking the college group by flags and colors, cap and gown, processions and occasions.

Near by, upon a dais, they had set up a chair fairly gilded, wherein Sir Gui was wont to sit and watch justice done upon the writhing bodies of my lord Duke's enemies.

P.J. Neelands presented his card, and was given a leather chair beside the fire.

I wonder if you could find me a chair.

He had resumed his chair, but be rose up once more, took the Cuban's hat from the table and tendered it to him.

My look rested thoughtfully, again upon the place where once had stood my chair.

The big porch looked inviting, as it was shady and held an old rocking-chair and a bench with blue cushions.

He shut the door, and dragging forward a chair, sat down with his feet on the fender, and commenced warming his hands at the fire.

One or two were smoking and the others talked in low voices, but when Lister came in and the secretary indicated a chair they turned as if to study him.

I looked to my left, and saw my old chair.

Eve relieved his awkwardness by directing Pierre, with her eye, to hand a chair, and first speaking.

Off at the side, Mr. Jimmie Batch had already disposed of his hat and gray overcoat, and tilting the chair opposite him to indicate its reservation, shook open his evening paper, the waiter withholding the menu at this sign of rendezvous.

Then a little man with a black beard and an eager manner stepped forward and mounted a chair, and on behalf of the Association of Italian Teachers wished us good luck.

I didn't see many people I knewit was impossible to get through the crowd, but some one got me a chair at the open window giving on the balcony, and I was quite happy sitting there looking at the people pass.

355 Verbs to Use for the Word  chair