36 Verbs to Use for the Word chalks

I took the chalk and imitated him as near as I could, but my work was poor beside his, as he had been learning for some months, and could make the figures quite well and write a little.

Like many of our members, she made Adam "walk chalk."

I am drawing from the head of Demosthenes at present, to get accustomed to handling black and white chalk.

He could only snap chalk at the young gentlemen in the yard below him, in a preoccupied way, and listen to his Heart's Desire rattle on about the whims of her fractions and the caprices of her spelling-lesson.

All readers, surely, know the white chalk, the special feature and the special pride of the south of England.

Behind them the Downs ran like a rampart to right and left, their steep green sides scarred here and there by landslips and showing the white chalk.

They are composed of a hard grey sandstone which once covered the chalk; the softer portions wearing away left the tough core lying in isolated masses upon the hills.

Why do I cut chalk and you wash clothes, day after day, while Lady Wondershoot goes about in her carriage, mother, and travels off to those beautiful foreign countries you and I mustn't see, mother?"

A boy making caricatures at the blackboard dropped his chalk, that now fell noisily.

His appetite to his pleasures is diseased and crazy, like the pica in a woman that longs to eat that which was never made for food, or a girl in the green sickness that eats chalk and mortar.

We shall have a further proof of that vast lapse when we examine the chalk itself.

It may have taken, therefore, twelve thousand years to form the chalk alone.

"The Giraffe""plays the fiddle" "Macadam's roads""I hate this chalk" "Sweet girl""a charming riddle" "I'm nearly drunk with""Epsom salts" "Yes, separate beds""such cronies!" "Good heaven!

This is allowed to dry, after which it is polished and rubbed with wax, or else receives a wash of gum water, holding chalk in solution.

Happily, he thought of a pea-shooter which he had in his pocket, and taking this out he blew a pea into the midst of the little group with such force that it knocked the chalk from the hand of the pigwidgeon who was using it.

And the blue butterflies, those that love the chalk, came and perched themselves on the tall grasses, five or six sometimes on a single piece of grass, and they closed their wings and slept, and the grass bent a little beneath them.

The Colonel justly blames the chalk, removes the pet-dog of the battalion from his path with his foot, and makes for the scoring-board.

" Juniper (Juniperus).These useful conifers prefer dry chalk or sandy soils, but will thrive in any ground that is not too heavy.

The human body," he continued, thoughtfully regarding his pipe, just as, in the days of my pupilage, he was wont to regard the black-board chalk, "is a very remarkable object.

The hair, never cut under other circumstances, is cropped off even with the neck, and the top of the head and forehead, and sometimes nearly the whole body, are smeared with a species of white earth resembling chalk, moistened with water.

Jessup, of Philadelphia, told me that he believed you doubted respecting the chalk of Missouri, in which you found nodules of flints.

But, by rubbing up some chalk with a brush in water and then pouring off the milky fluid, so as to obtain sediments of different degrees of fineness, the granules and the minute rounded bodies may be pretty well separated from one another, and submitted to microscopic examination, either as opaque or as transparent objects.

But nothing could escape Morgiana's eyes, and when she went out, not long after, and saw the red chalk, she argued with herself as before, and marked the other houses near by in the same place and manner.

Mary Watson was the artist, and spared no chalk in her undertaking, for each capital ended in an arrow, and had a blanket of dots which in some cases nearly obliterated its identity.

Chemists enunciate the result of all the experiments which prove this, by stating that chalk is almost wholly composed of "carbonate of lime.

36 Verbs to Use for the Word  chalks