18 Verbs to Use for the Word chamberlain

He called his chamberlain, and sent him to his friend, bearing letters that her knight had come, according to the covenant that had been made.

To this end he sent to demand count Zobor, and the 1500 Muscovites should be given into his hands: the timid emperor complied with the first and sent his chamberlain to be punished as the king thought fit; but it was not in his power to acquiesce with the other; the Roman envoy, then at Vienna, having intelligence of it, provided for their escape by different routs.

" "Lady," answered the chamberlain, "I am ready to do your bidding.

She summoned a chamberlain.

The fiacre containing the unhappy chamberlain drove from the door, and plunged into a dark street toward the cathedral.

Upon Charles IId's marriage with Donna Catherina of Portugal, he was created his Majesty's first vice chamberlain, in which honourable station he continued twenty-two years.

"Ah, wretch!" grumbled the old chamberlain, "if you sleep like this you will outlive me, who mean to flourish for the next hundred years.

Taking with him only two nephews, a chamberlain and a trusty squire, all of whom he swore to secresy, he embarked for Loegria; stationed his vessel at some distance from the harbour of Totness; and landing his chamberlain alone, and in disguise, sent him, with secret instructions to the princess.

The committee, by which the act for licensing the stage was drawn up, had too long known the inconvenience of giving reasons, and were too well acquainted with the characters of great men, to lay the lord chamberlain, or his deputy, under any such tormenting obligation.

On reaching the pope's apartment the ambassador met the chamberlain, who told him that the holy father was still asleep.

They gave no thought to him; his only thought was to escape as soon as he might; so he passed them, and, going on, passed also the chamberlain, who stood dazed at the house door, and so disappeared, intent on saving the life that he had justly forfeited.

Eliduc stood without the lady's chamber, and prayed the chamberlain to tell the dame that he had come, according to her wish.

Edith could no longer remain silent: "I will make entrance for your grace," she said, putting aside the chamberlain.

She questioned the chamberlains, who were unable to explain the appearance of an ornament they had never before beheld; she then interrogated Le Frain, and, at the end of a short examination, fell into a swoon, exclaiming, "Fair child, thou art my daughter!"

Having praised the flavour of the beer and helped himself to some slices from a well cured wild boar's head, he said to the chamberlain, "And Baldwin of Avesnes is not yet arrived, you say?" "No, Count," replied the chamberlain; "we expected he would be with you.

"Sir Erick," began the chamberlain, "allow me to introduce Sir James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell, a noble peer, ambassador from Mary Queen of Scots to his Danish majesty.

Outside the curtains that hung before the dance there stood a chamberlain and when I told him that though a stranger there, yet I was well known to Mung and Sish and Kib, the gods of Pegana, whose signs I made, he bade me ample welcome.

She rose up, very early in the morning, and commanding her chamberlain, opened out to him all that was in her heart.

18 Verbs to Use for the Word  chamberlain