50 Verbs to Use for the Word chants

He had heard a Cree woman crooning in front of her tepee; he had heard the wild chant of the caribou

A number of men and boys assemble about 9 p.m., in the street and sing chants set to music by some poet of Gujarat or Hindustan.

Some score of braves began a war dance, circling round me, waving their tomahawks, and singing their wild chants.

Then he began the ancient chant of the Yasna, and the voices of his companions joined in the beautiful hymn to Ahura-Mazda: We worship the Spirit Divine, all wisdom and goodness possessing, Surrounded by Holy Immortals, the givers of bounty and blessing.

Lying thus, he was aware of the slow, plodding hoof-strokes of a horse drawing near, of the twang of a lute, with a voice sweet and melodious intoning a chant; and the tune was plaintive and

"And the first takes up the chant again, 'All praise to Him who lives for evermore.'

The priesthood resumed its chants, the multitude dropped upon their knees.

Louder and louder crash the cymbals; louder rises the chant.

Soon a stir came in the forest, and they heard a long, droning chant.

Marshall is at the organ in the hall, he is playing a Gregorian chant, that beautiful hymn, the "Vexilla Regis," by Saint Fortunatus, the great poet of the Middle Ages.

In a rush of bravado he now extemporized a chant of defiance: Old Jonas Whipple Was an old cripple!

And he pursed up his lips and followed the chant, beating time with his forefinger When, like a thief, the Midianite Shall steal upon the camp, O, let him find our armour bright, And oil within our lamp!"

Louder and louder grows your chant, I know its terminating cadence.

Prions seulement Calliope, Qu'elle inspire nos vers, nos chants Laissons Mars et toute la gloire; Livrons nous tous à l'amour; Que Bacchus nous donne à boire; A ces deux faisons la cour.

He took great pains to introduce the Gregorian chant.

Wherefore with wondrous wit withal, with waggish wanton wiles, I joyful chant to glorify the just and gentle Giles.

"With time love's ardor always cools"; Qu'importe? Leave that lugubrious chant to fools!

, Cette ère qu'à travers les temps, épaisse nue, Thalès apercevait au loin devant ses yeux; Et Platon, lorsque, ému, des sphères dans les cieux Il écoutait les chants et contemplait les danses.

I had a desire to memorize the chant, and even after we had got out of range of the high-powered voice of the singer I found myself murmuring over and over again the words: "That's the way to heaven out Of Black Fernando's hell.

Release? Lucio (mocking a chant within the Chapel).

"Oh, weep with your sweet tears, and mourning chant, O'er this dread loss of Heaven's queen.

Grey might have made a valuable contribution to the comparative psychology of passion by noting down the chant of the rivals in their own words.

This style no longer paints, no longer chants; it adores....

As the sad little procession moved along the streetsthe wayfarers reverently uncovering and soldiers saluting as it passedthe dirge-like chant of the Miserere never failed to fill my eyes with unbidden tears of sympathy for the mourners, who, with bowed heads, walked behind the wreath-laden hearse.

Magua whispered something to Heyward, and the latter turned impatiently to David Gamutsuch was the singer's nameand requested him in the name of common prudence to postpone his chant until a safer opportunity.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  chants