141 Verbs to Use for the Word chapels

The abbot bought these houses in order to have room to build himself a town house, and it is said that at the same time he built a hostelry for travellers; at any rate three years later we find him applying to the Bishop of Winchester for leave to build a chapel "near the inn."

This delay, and their persuasion that the members of the consistory were not the men to sympathise with them in their religious exercise, was exceedingly proving to faith, and they entered the chapel under a pressure of mind almost beyond utterance.

They did not leave the chapel in processional order, neither did they throw stones and then run, when they took their departure.

to the church, as we had omitted before to visit the chapel built in the crypt underneath.

They were therefore ordered back to their quarters, with permission only to attend chapel that forenoon.

For upon old London Bridge, the first stone bridge, built in the end of the twelfth century, there stood in the very midst of it a chapel of marvellous beauty with a crypt, from which by a flight of steps one might reach the river, dedicated in honour of St Thomas Becket.

She there erected a little chapel at the foot of an oak, in honour of the same Jupiter, whose priestess she had been; and here it was this ancient oracle was established, which in after times became so famous.

It is chiefly interesting, now, for the frescos with which Benozzo Gozzoli has adorned the chapel.

The province was not represented in Parliament, nor could the voice of its people reach the chapel of St. Stephen at Westminster as readily as it had reached the chambers of the Binnenhof at the Hague.

One found one's self in a large, square, open court with arcades and buildings all aroundthe chapel just opposite the entrance.

Since the publication of Dr. Johnson's book, I find that he has been censured for not seeing here the ancient chapel of St. Rule, a curious piece of sacred architecture.[180]

Bramante had persuaded the Pope that it was unlucky to have his tomb erected, but advised him to employ Michelangelo in painting the chapel built by his uncle Sixtus IV.

The sun was pouring down in all his midday strength as we passed the roadside chapel of St. Antoine and entered the antiquated little village of Bosost, stopping at the Fonda de España for lunch.

Nor of religion either;for the house contains a private chapel, fitted up in the richest style of mediaeval ecclesiastical art.

He first opened the chapel in the Taitbout, and then one in the Faubourg du Temple, where his labors have been crowned with success.

In 1096 it was pulled down and a great apsidal choir of ten bays was built over a lofty crypt, with a tower on either side the apse and an eastern transept having four apsidal chapels in the eastern walls, two in the north arm and two in the south.

He knelt in his own enclosure to the right of the altar, with his guards and his immediate household around him, while the court, ladies and cavaliers, filled the chapel.

Marguerite motioned for Balthazar to precede her, and she prepared to quit the chapel.

We have seen in a previous chapter how and when Leo X. conceived the idea of adding a chapel which should serve as mausoleum for several members of the Medicean family at S. Lorenzo, and how Clement determined to lodge the famous Medicean library in a hall erected over the west side of the cloister.

The cost of pulling down the old chapel was forty-six shillings and eight pence; that of digging foundations for the new chapel forty shillings.

The story he told was one of a certain Countess Anne-Marie, who, to escape a rough-mannered husband of extreme masculinity, had sought a refuge in Brittany in the company of a young painter endowed with divine inspiration, one Norbert, who had undertaken to decorate a convent chapel with paintings that depicted his various visions.

"When do you mean to finish my chapel?" said the Pope.

The eastern part of the south aisle as far as the screen formed another chapel as the dilapidated piscina in the south wall shows.

Moreover, for what did these one hundred and fourteen people dedicate a chapel to him thirty years and a little more after his death?

The kutwal and his people, as they approached the chapel, prostrated themselves three times on their faces with their hands extended before them, after which they arose and said their prayers standing.

141 Verbs to Use for the Word  chapels
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