144 Verbs to Use for the Word charity

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It consisted of poor, and, mostly, old and infirm persons, who confined themselves to a stated round in their neighbourhood, and had certain fixed days, on which, at different houses, they regularly received charity; sometimes in money, but mostly in provisions.-W.

No one should write about her, or ask charity for her, she said to herself.

Why had they brought him here to accept charity of a women's institution?

Careless their merits or their faults to scan, His pity gave ere charity began.

Let us exercise charity by not quoting instances, but let us be watchful of our laughter and our fellowship, which are both gifts of God, and see that we do not confuse pagan pleasure with Christian joy, the evil sneer with the tender recognition of the absurd in ourselves and in others.

The post was also often used as the means of dispensing her anonymous charity.

The magical rapidity with which they are grown on the mountain-top, and bestow their charity in rain and snow, never fails to astonish the inexperienced lowlander.

our own experience in modern times shews us, persons yielding to that temptation perpetually; pious people, benevolent people, people who long to spread the Bible, to convert sinners, to found charities, to amend laws, to set the world right in some way or other, and who fancy that therefore, in carrying out their fine projects, they have a right to do evil that good may come.

He seemed grimmer and gaunter than ever that morning, and as he looked around the great Hall, he shook his head at its faded grandeur reprehensively, as if he could, if time permitted, deliver a sermon on the prodigality, the wicked wastefulness, which had brought ruin on the house, and rendered it necessary for him to extend his charity to the penniless orphan.

He tells us: "We may read the Athanasian Creed less, but we practise Christian charity more in the present than in any former age."

I ought to give to an Hospital of Invalids, to recover as many useful Subjects as I can; but I shall bestow none of my Bounties upon an Alms-house of idle People; and for the same Reason I should not think it a Reproach to me if I had withheld my Charity from those common Beggars.

Shall we not thence learn charity, and the better understand the full meaning of some who have said that vices were virtues in excess or restraint?

To Christianity alone we are indebted for the new and sublime spectacle, of seeing men going beyond the bounds of individual usefulness to each other; of seeing them associate for the extirpation of private and public misery; and of seeing them carry their charity, as a united brotherhood, into distant lands.

"I was instructed," says J.Y., "with seeing the charity and Christian meekness in which he daily lives.

Miss Bridget took the good-natured side of the question, intimated some compassion for the helpless little creature, and commended her brother's charity in what he had done.

I will, and ever praise thy perfect charity.

We don't want charity.

Sir, he brought me a sheet of paper, on which he had written down several texts of Scripture, recommending christian charity.

Now, when we would know who are in Christ's livery or not, we must learn it of St. Paul, who most evidently described charity, which is the only livery, saying, "Love is patient, she suffereth long."

When these demons steal Countess Cathleen's stores in order to stop her charities, with instant Irish quickness and generosity, she sells her soul for a great price to the demons, in order to save her people here and hereafter.

In spite of Major Doyle's reckless investments of my money, andand the little we manage to give to deserving charities, I'm getting richer every day.

In the royal domains and wheresoever she went she showed abundant charity to the poor, and many ages after her death the people of those districts still spoke of Brunehaut's alms.

Our design in giving it, is to show the effect of freedom in bringing into play those charities of social life, which slavery uniformly stifles.

We even go so far as to cultivate an artificial charity by meat and drink and speeches withal.

144 Verbs to Use for the Word  charity