92 Verbs to Use for the Word charts

He now spent nearly half his time in private communications with Daggett; and, on more than one occasion, when the niece had taken some light article of food over for the use of the last, she found him and her uncle examining one or two dirty and well-worn charts of the ocean.

CHAPTER VI A NASTY KNOCK Frost sparkled on the office windows and Cartwright, with his feet on the hearthrug studied an Atlantic weather chart.

Do you mean to say you can read charts, and take observations?" I smiled, encouraged by his surprise, and the change in his tone.

We have measured the heads of five hundred factory girls, making a chart of them, you know, and the feet of five hundred domestic servants" "And don't you find" began the Smooth Gentleman.

Doctor Bremiker had not indeed completed his great worka chart of the whole zodiac down to stars of the tenth magnitudebut portions of it were completed, and the special region where the new planet was expected to appear happened to be among the portions finished.

" With this order von Ludwig took his place beside Frank at the wheel and produced a chart.

He constructed geographical charts, and attempted to delineate the celestial sphere, and to measure time with a gnomon, or time-pillar, by the motion of its shadow upon a dial.

It was given out, however, that he was employed to draw charts of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli, by his Government.

On consulting his charts, and after getting a pretty good look at the coast from aloft, Roswell Gardiner became satisfied that he was off Currituck, which placed him near six degrees to the southward of his port of departure, and about four to the westward.

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He did not, however, allow his crew, at the time, to be aware what his apprehensions really were; but, assembling them all around him, he brought out his chart, and showed them that they had advanced in this direction a hundred leagues further than any Englishman had done before; and gave them their choice whether to proceed, or to return home.

Then at last he rose to his feet, unlocked the safe which stood by his side, and took out a solid chart dotted in many places with little flags, each one of which bore the name of a ship.

SEE Hart-Davis, Rupert. DAVIS, RUTH H. Vapor charts and special tables for turbine calculations.

The Richard D. Wyckoff wave chart of tape readings.

I ordered Watkins to send them all aft, and, as they ranged up across the narrow deck, I spread out the chart before them, and explained, as best I could, our situation, and what I proposed doing.

Between Point Barrow and Cape Melville I had an opportunity of improving my chart with respect to the reefs in the offing, and of observing the outer limit of the barrier reefs which were distinguished by the heavy breakers that lined the horizon.

" "You use no chart?

"It is unaccountable that a man should wear out a chart like this, and leave so few notes on it!" said the Vineyard-man, much as one complains of a delinquency.

" M. Crozet, second to M. Marion du Fresne in command of the French expedition that was out in the following year, says: "As soon as I obtained information of the voyage of Cook, I carefully compared the chart I had prepared of that part of the coast of New Zealand along which we had coasted, with that prepared by Captain Cook and his officers.

Historical panorama; student edition and current events work chart.

incredulous about the atrocities perpetrated by those who hold human beings as property, to be used for their pleasure, when history herself has done little else in recording human deeds, than to dip her blank chart in the blood shed by arbitrary power, and unfold to human gaze the great red scroll?

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And he would talk of the river to her, explain the chart, pointing out eddies, whirlpools, shoals, depths, new beds, old beds, cut-offs, caving banks, and making banks, as exquisitely and respectfully as if she had been the River Commission.

92 Verbs to Use for the Word  charts
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