103 Verbs to Use for the Word chase

The man shouted after them to stop, and seeing that they paid no attention to his commands, promptly gave chase, rushing down the narrow pathway from the hut, and scrambling after them up the opposite slope.

I led my pursuers a lively chase for four or five miles; finally, when they saw they could not catch me, they returned to their camp.

For why ah overbold! didst thou follow the chase, and, being so fair, why wert thou thus over-hardy to fight with beasts?...

The Fians sojourned by the shore Of comely Cromarty, and o'er The wooded hill pursued the chase With ardour.

We continued the chase for two or three miles, overtaking a couple who were mounted upon one horse.

Now that she had become accustomed to blindness, she even accompanied him on his hunts, until he struck game, and began the chase.

Now commenced another stern chase.

They had started to abandon the chase when the plane soared aloft, but when it had slowed down, they had resumed the pursuit, hoping that something had gone wrong with the craft.

So, after a moment, I took up the chase more contentedly, telling myself that Godfrey would not have waved to me if he had not wanted me along, and I reached the corner in time to see the van turn northward into Sixth Avenue.

For this, it is infinitely superior to the stag; for the real sportsman can only enjoy that chase when the deer is sought for and found like other game which are pursued with hounds.

Garry turned From Finn in sullen silence, for he yearned To join the chase once more.

You ought to have seen the chase, Redbud; how I ran him; how he doubled and turned; and when I had him at bay, with his eyes glaring, his head drooping, how I plunged my knife into his throat, and made the blood spout out gurgling!" Verty smiled cheerfully at this recollection of past enjoyment, and added, with his dreamy look "

Neither of them noticed Smirre; and he sat quietly and watched the chase, which went from tree to tree.

] VENISON.Far, far away in ages past, our fathers loved the chase, and what it brought; and it is usually imagined that when Isaac ordered his son Esau to go out with his weapons, his quiver and his bow, and to prepare for him savoury meat, such as he loved, that it was venison he desired.

Huntsmen renew the chase they lately run, And generals fight again their battles won.

The St. Louis excursionists, as well as the other spectators, rode out to the vicinity of the hunting grounds in wagons and on horseback, keeping well out of sight of the buffaloes, so as not to frighten them, until the time came for us to dash into the herd; when they were to come up as near as they pleased and witness the chase.

A busy day, and not altogether unprofitable; whatever expectations had been thwarted in this mild outcome, one had learned much; and to-morrow one would resume the chase anew and, one rather fancied, learn a deal more.

They kept up the chase as far as Ash Creek, six miles from Fort Larned.

No cloud thy brow should cover, But smiles each other chase From lips to eyes all over Thy sweet and sunny face; The clouds my heart should cover.

"I have just conceived the idea of having a steeple-chase on the ice.

Methought that this man headed a great chase against the wolf, in the mountains between Pisa and Lucca.

"And have you found a mine yet?" The woodsman laughed, and Brooks said: "Desmond, we did indeed take desperate chances, and we've been making a fool's chase, I reckon.

Let our readers, if they will not be convinced by our assertion, listen to some of these lines: "So we some antique hero's strength, Learn by his lance's weight and length As these vast beams express the beast Whose shady brows alive they dress'd. Such game, while yet the world was new, The mighty Nimrod did pursue; What huntsman of our feeble race Or dogs dare such a monster chase?

Some, meanwhile, preferred a steeple- chase with water-jumps, after the fashion of the midshipmen on a certain second visit to the lake.

Beyond the lake lay an extensive chase, full of red-deer, fallow-deer, roes, and every species of game, and abounding with lofty trees, from among which the extended front and massive towers of the castle were seen to rise in majesty and beauty.

103 Verbs to Use for the Word  chase