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104 Verbs to Use for the Word  chasing

104 Verbs to Use for the Word chasing

The man shouted after them to stop, and seeing that they paid no attention to his commands, promptly gave chase, rushing down the narrow pathway from the hut, and scrambling after them up the opposite slope.

I led my pursuers a lively chase for four or five miles; finally, when they saw they could not catch me, they returned to their camp.

For why ah overbold! didst thou follow the chase, and, being so fair, why wert thou thus over-hardy to fight with beasts?...

The Fians sojourned by the shore Of comely Cromarty, and o'er The wooded hill pursued the chase With ardour.

We continued the chase for two or three miles, overtaking a couple who were mounted upon one horse.

Now that she had become accustomed to blindness, she even accompanied him on his hunts, until he struck game, and began the chase.

Now commenced another stern chase.

So, after a moment, I took up the chase more contentedly, telling myself that Godfrey would not have waved to me if he had not wanted me along, and I reached the corner in time to see the van turn northward into Sixth Avenue.

They had started to abandon the chase when the plane soared aloft, but when it had slowed down, they had resumed the pursuit, hoping that something had gone wrong with the craft.

Garry turned From Finn in sullen silence, for he yearned To join the chase once more.

For this, it is infinitely superior to the stag; for the real sportsman can only enjoy that chase when the deer is sought for and found like other game which are pursued with hounds.

You ought to have seen the chase, Redbud; how I ran him; how he doubled and turned; and when I had him at bay, with his eyes glaring, his head drooping, how I plunged my knife into his throat, and made the blood spout out gurgling!" Verty smiled cheerfully at this recollection of past enjoyment, and added, with his dreamy look "

Neither of them noticed Smirre; and he sat quietly and watched the chase, which went from tree to tree.

] VENISON.Far, far away in ages past, our fathers loved the chase, and what it brought; and it is usually imagined that when Isaac ordered his son Esau to go out with his weapons, his quiver and his bow, and to prepare for him savoury meat, such as he loved, that it was venison he desired.

Huntsmen renew the chase they lately run, And generals fight again their battles won.

A busy day, and not altogether unprofitable; whatever expectations had been thwarted in this mild outcome, one had learned much; and to-morrow one would resume the chase anew and, one rather fancied, learn a deal more.

The St. Louis excursionists, as well as the other spectators, rode out to the vicinity of the hunting grounds in wagons and on horseback, keeping well out of sight of the buffaloes, so as not to frighten them, until the time came for us to dash into the herd; when they were to come up as near as they pleased and witness the chase.

They kept up the chase as far as Ash Creek, six miles from Fort Larned.

No cloud thy brow should cover, But smiles each other chase From lips to eyes all over Thy sweet and sunny face; The clouds my heart should cover.

"I have just conceived the idea of having a steeple-chase on the ice.

Methought that this man headed a great chase against the wolf, in the mountains between Pisa and Lucca.

"And have you found a mine yet?" The woodsman laughed, and Brooks said: "Desmond, we did indeed take desperate chances, and we've been making a fool's chase, I reckon.

Let our readers, if they will not be convinced by our assertion, listen to some of these lines: "So we some antique hero's strength, Learn by his lance's weight and length As these vast beams express the beast Whose shady brows alive they dress'd. Such game, while yet the world was new, The mighty Nimrod did pursue; What huntsman of our feeble race Or dogs dare such a monster chase?

Beyond the lake lay an extensive chase, full of red-deer, fallow-deer, roes, and every species of game, and abounding with lofty trees, from among which the extended front and massive towers of the castle were seen to rise in majesty and beauty.

He had climbed the top of his favorite barren hill to survey the surrounding prairies, when he spied my chase after the coyote.

I would have had little or no fear of being overtaken if Brigham had been fresh; but as he was not, I felt uncertain as to how he would stand a long chase.

Some, meanwhile, preferred a steeple- chase with water-jumps, after the fashion of the midshipmen on a certain second visit to the lake.

But when I saw the blessings shower On some unworthy mind, 30 I left the chase, and own'd the power Was justly painted blind.

Then came a numbing fear that Beauregard's bragging host had fled, and that the movement would turn out a tedious stern chase to Richmond.

Marry, sir, but 'twas a famous chase; the like of it I never saw before.

No favoured eye was e'er allowed to gaze 300 On lovelier spectacle in faery days; When gentle Spirits urged a sportive chase, Brushing with lucid wands the water's face; While music, stealing round the glimmering deeps, Charmed the tall circle of the enchanted steeps.

The Coquette has never got a chase under her lee, that she did not speak.

See, yonder goes the chase!

It is a remnant of the great deer forest that, originally in the possession of various feudal lords, became Crown property in the reign of the fourth Edward and remained in royal hands until the time of James I. During that long period, and for many years afterwards, it was a region where the scanty population, innocent as well as lawbreaker, lived in constant fear of the barbarous laws governing the chase.

And if he hunt any other chase than that which he first undertooke, we say he hunteth change."

As the distance from the islet to the island did not much exceed a hundred or two yards, Captain Cuffe hoped to inclose his chase between himself and the land, never dreaming that the stranger w

The Terpsichore was directed to run well into the bay, to see that a similar artifice was not practised in that direction; while the Proserpine shaped her own course at the angle that would intercept the chase, should the latter continue to stand on.

Though care is taken not to run near enough to invite a chase from the Neapolitan frigates, we are yet able to obtain a distinct view of the last strongholdthe jumping-off place, as we hope it will proveof Francis II.

That knows all chases, and can watch all hours, And with my quarter staff, though the Devil bid stand, Deal such an alms, shall make him roar again?

Thou knowest the chase on which he hies, And yet in silence hidest all.

CELUI, CENE, CEUX, CELLES, pro dém., servant à indiquer les personnes ou les chases.

Then all unconsciously he lives the chase, the fight, the death-dealing moment as they were lived by all his ancestors down through the misty past.

As he thus ponders, he behind him spies His opening hounds, and now he hears their cries: A generous pack, or to maintain the chase, Or snuff the vapour from the scented grass.

Off to the side and well ahead, spurring his mount to top effort, came Red Perris, who must have marked the chase with his glass.

Old Jim's return meant an ended chase.

"Coventry would mean the chasing of Jetson out of the brigade.

In vain the shepherd's wakeful care Had spread the toils, and watched the snare: In vain the dog pursued his pace, The fleeter robber mocked the chase.

The population had become so reduced as early as 1508 that they were obliged to organize great Indian chases on the main-land, and a Coolie trade sprang up in the Lucayan Islands, to keep the Haytian mines and plantations supplied with hands.

He followed so hotly that he over-passed the chase.

30 Call'd by thy lovely voice, she turns her pace, Her winding horn proclaims the finish'd chase; She mounts the rocks, she skims the level plain, Dogs, hawks, and horses crowd her early train; Her hardy face repels the tanning wind, And lines and meshes loosely float behind.

In vain the guard pulled the thread up, wishing to prolong the chase.

Then would he honorably neglect rabbits and all fur, cease pointing droves of pigs, and quit the silly chase of robins.

If we raise the chase of the piece, the projectile will describe a curve in space which would be a perfect parabola were it not for the resistance of the air, and the summit of such curve will rise in proportion as the angle so increases.

Gliding swiftly homewards along the now brilliantly lit boulevards, I realize for the first time that mine has been but a wild-goose chase after all; that, if India is to be reached by land, it is not viâ Merv and Cábul, but by way of Persia and Baluchistán.

Andy recited his chase of the bear and its denouement.

"They must listen in the end, else why am I here?" The Professor relinquished his chase, to stare again.

Still, it sufficiently retarded them to render the chase a more equal one than could have been expected.

Thou knowest our mind, resolve her, depart Return the chase, we have been chas'd enough.

There will I build and raze again to earth With sweating brow, and sow and gather in, As though for wife and babe, enjoy alone; And when the harvest's gathered, sow again, And round and round the treadmill chase my days Until at evening they sink down, and die.

There were my young knights waiting for me; and jumping gates, climbing trees, and running paper-chases are pleasant when one is young.

In what a case he is with the poor English Moone, because the French Moones (their Torches) will be the lesse in fashion, and I warrent you the Captaine will remember it too: tho he say nothing, he seconds his resolute chase so, and follows him, Ile lay my life you shall see them the next cold night, shut the Mooneshine out of their Chambers, and make it lie without Doores all night.

"Some there are who boast their humanity, and content themselves to seize our chases and fisheries, who drive us from every tract of ground where fertility and pleasantness invite them to settle, and make no war upon us except when we intrude upon our own lands.

I helped him out of his awkwardness in the best way, by appearing not to observe it, and going straight on, I said: "Those revivals of interest in a subject happen to me often; one book suggests another, and often sends me back a wild-goose chase over an interval of twenty years.

And it serves him right!"Don't chase after great wealth, be contented with what you have.

When this stag broke cover, the hounds immediately set chase to it with a great outcry of yelling, as though they were suddenly gone frantic, and when the King beheld the creature, he also was immediately seized as with a great fury for chasing it.

On, lion-like, grim Ulrick sweeps Bright shines his hero-glaive Her chase before him Fury keeps, Far-heard behind him, Anguish weeps, And round himis the Grave!

Kill not the wretch who dared to follow us, And sully this our happy bridal hour By murder; only stay, oh, stay the chase!" So said, she gave the jav'lin, which he hurled Upon the chasing charger's breast with all His might, and straightway horse and rider fell; And, like those innocent and helpless doves, The loving pair together fled away, Their life of joy and freedom to renew.

The pace of the Giraffe is an amble, though when pursued it flies with extreme rapidity, but the small size of its lungs prevents it from supporting a lengthened chase.

The gorge through which swept this silent flight and screaming chase was not more than two hundred feet wide, while it was at least fifteen hundred feet deep, with walls that were mainly sheer precipices.

He then salutes her with a warm embrace, And, ere she half had told the morning chase, With love inflamed, and eager on his bliss, Smothered her words, and stopped her with a kiss; His kisses with unwonted ardour glow'd, 50 Nor could Diana's shape conceal the god.

At length, Waally found his fleet in the open ocean, where he trusted the chase would end.

When we go back let us try another chase, shall we?" "We will let Marjorie run and imagine it is I." "Prudence, if I regain my strength out there, I am coming home to tell you something, may I?" "I want you to regain your strength, but I am trembling when I think of anything to be told.

Through my mind whirled with inconceivable rapidity the great lion chases on which we had ridden the year before.

" These words relieved Blossom's feelings and made him vow that he would not let another ball play chase around his feet.

"No, no," he added presently, "a starn chase, they say, is a long chase; and the owners of them doubloons, if owners they can now be called, must be out of sight, long before this.

The ducks must leave, and Caesar should nevermore behold a glorious chase.

the calm retreat Of undeserved distress, the better home Of those whom bigots chase from foreign lands; Such as of late an Oglethorpe has formed, And crowding round, the pleased Savannah sees.

Pallisser, on the other hand, was all ready, and pressed on, bringing the chase to action.

I warn them not to build a paper-chase on so slender a foundation.

Then pealed up the clear tuneful melody of Edd's horn, calling off the chase for that day and season.

While this was felt to be a serious drawback, it did not necessarily check the chase.

The hunt is up once more, and so short are the hours of the day in the dead of the year, that early night often closes round the chase.

He then commenced chase, and ordered his prize to do the same.

The number of words in the English tongue excited him, and he often lost all by not confining the chase to one, like a dog after rabbits.

And with the words, he bounded off to the right, firing his gun to confuse the chase.

Lyon got his ship; and from that moment he ceased to consider the chase and all connected with le Feu-Follet an unprofitable thing.

And while she was making her way thither, the captain had to amuse himself like any landlubber, contemplating the ferocious chase and laborious digestion of these monsters.

Still careful to make no noise, he followed the sound of the steps until they led him to the top floor, and he cornered the chase at the end of a short passage.

It is no aspersion on their bravery to say that more than one among them had already begun inwardly to curse this wild-goose chase into Jannati Shahr.

The hound had stopped at the place where the Pedlar's wounds bled so profusely, and deeming the chase now over, it lay down there, and could not be induced to proceed; in vain the men beat it with frantic violence, and tried again to put the hound on the scent,the sight of blood had satisfied the animal that its work was done, and with dogged resolution it resisted every inducement to pursue the same scent a second time.

My friend Má[T.]Havya here has been disparaging the chase, till he has taken away all my relish for it.

The delay occasioned by hoisting in the latter, enabled the chase to increase the space between the two vessels, to such a distance, as to place her altogether beyond the reach of shot.

He might indeed build his castle and enclose his chase with very little respect to the rights of his weaker neighbors, but he did not attempt any such radical change as the legal theory of the creation of manors seems to presume.

Alcatraz dropped his heart-breaking pace to a moderate gallop, but as he did so he saw a form which dripped with water scramble into view fifty yards down-streamthe lobo had managed to reach safety after all and now he came like a bullet to end the chase.

Then many men entered the chase and ran their horses; but none could catch the deer or the wild boar, except only the great Malaki, who had been the Basolo: he alone speared much game.

" Trysail watched the countenance of his young commander, as he examined the chase with the aid of the instrument; and he thought he read strong discontent in his features, when the other laid it aside.

They seek the wood with eager pace, Through bush, through brier, explore the chase.

How fared the chase?

Sikes, finding the chase too hot, was compelled to leave Oliver in a ditch and make his escape with his friend Crackit.

Soon as the night Wrapt in her sable veil forbids the chase, They pitch their tents, in even ranks around The circling camp.