55 Verbs to Use for the Word chastity

The aroka, or Saraca indica, is said to preserve chastity, and is dedicated to Kama, the Indian god of love, while with the negroes of Senegambia the baobab-tree is an object of worship.

For tho' the natives had slain this Jeffery, yet certainly he was the first aggressor, by attempting to violate the chastity of a young innocent woman, who ventured down to them, on the faith of the public capitulation, which was so treacherously broken.

He, for he cannot tempt true chastity, Fills all the land with hostile cruelty.

There are certain hermits in this province, who live with great abstinence in cells and monasteries, devoting their whole lives to the service of their idols, and observing the strictest chastity; Many of these men are reputed as saints and are held in high estimation among the people.

Abhor base lust, defend thy chastity.

I.Lost and Found It was the time that the earth begins to put on her new apparel against the approach of her lover, when the shepherd, Strephon, on the sands which lie against the island of Cithera, called upon him his friendly rival, Claius, and bewailed their hopeless wooing of the fair shepherdess, Urania, whose beauty taught the beholders chastity.

And Curr shows in the following (109) how far the attempts at seclusion are from succeeding in enforcing chastity: "Notwithstanding the savage jealousy, varied by occasional degrading complaisance on the part of the husband, there is more or less intrigue in every camp; and the husband usually assumes that his wife has been unfaithful to him whenever there has been an opportunity for criminality....

The necessity of inculcating chastity in the newer generation, whether through the teaching of sex hygiene in the schools or in some other form, was widely discussed throughout the country.

[Footnote 75: 'Agnus castus:' a flower representing chastity.]

Custome and nature make it less offence In women to comitt the deed of pleasure Then men to doubt their chastity; this flowing From poison'd natures, that excus'd by fraielty.

The catastrophe Shall show you fair Matilda's tragedy, Who (shunning John's pursuit) became a nun, At Dunmow Abbey, where she constantly Chose death to save her spotless chastity.

I dined with him at Parkgate, and I hope virtue will be rewarded; for though I had but five guineas in the world to carry me to London, I yet possessed chastity enough to refuse fifty for a night's lodging, and that too from a handsome well-bred man.

Religion has not meant chastity, for slavery made that impossible; it has not meant justice, for injustice forged their chains; it has not meant generosity, for they had nothing; it has been simple emotion.

Major Ellis also shows that the Gods exact chastity from aspirants to the priesthood.

RENUNCIATION of whoredoms, whence exists the chastity of marriage, how it is effected, 148.

Although the Moors frequently relate romantic legends of lovely innocent brides, who had never seen any other than the faces of their father, or of married ladies, who never raised the veil from off their faces, except to receive their own husbands, and seem to extol such chastity and seclusion; they are too frequently found indulging in obscene imaginations, tempting and seducing the weaker sex from the path of virtue and honour.

An equal lack of insight is shown by Westermarck, when he professes to find female chastity among the Apaches.

"As the flower that grows in the secret inclosure of the garden, unknown to the flocks, impressed by the ploughshare, which also the breezes refresh, the heat strengthens, the rain makes grow: so is a virgin whilst untouched, whilst dear to her relatives, but when once she forfeits her chastity," &c. 5807.

Nor call her mother, who so well does prove One breast may hold both chastity and love.

Orange flowers indicate chastity, and the jessamine, elegance and grace.

The lion, (Leo [symbol: Leo]) was to produce heroes; and the virgin (Virgo [symbol: Virgo]) with her ear of corn to inspire chastity, and to unite virtue with abundance.

Then again was heard the singing from heaven, and sweeter now than before; but to the unchaste it was so grating and discordant that they hurried out of the theatre and fled, leaving behind them only the few who from wisdom loved conjugial chastity.

We are well aware of the pernicious effect which this doctrine has exercised on matrimonial purity among the southern nations; that by making chastity synonymous with celibacy, it degraded married faithfulness into a restriction which there were penalties for breaking, but no rewards for keeping.

Indifference to masculine chastity continued much longer still.

Look on my Wrongs Wrongs that would melt a frozen Chastity, That a religious Vow had made to Heaven: And next survey thy own Perfections.

55 Verbs to Use for the Word  chastity