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42 Verbs to Use for the Word  chats

42 Verbs to Use for the Word chats

My friend knew the family, and we called there more for the purpose of resting ourselves and having a chat than anything else.

For instance, one evening I was in Charles Mathews's dressing-room at the theatre and enjoying a little chat when he was "called.

So it was Miss L that told you; well, you do 'ave chats on the stairs.

I glanced round at this, and I perceived that we had trotted along at so good a pace during the time that we were keeping up our pleasant chat, that the dragoon with the lame horse was altogether out of sight.

" "Betty, Betty," called Moppet's voice from the upper path, "do come in if you and Oliver have finished your chat, for Miss Bidwell desires your opinion on some weighty matter connected with our journey to New York.

Ascertaining this, he was all anxiety to follow her; but, knowing how sharp are village eyes upon a stranger, he was compelled to conceal his eagerness, light another cigarette, and continue his chat.

La patte du chat.

The bartender nonchalantly swept the dollar into the cash drawer and resumed his chit-chat with the tall man.

Well, 'tis not time of night to hold out chat With such a scold as thou art; therefore now Think that I hate thee, as I do the devil.

I am sorry to cut our chat short, but I am sure that you will come to see me again, will you not, when I am less desolate?

Whose essence pure, inspires such charming chat, With nods, and winks, and whispers, and all that.

During the afternoon a little program of previously arranged "mother" songs, lullabies and readings by some of the guests may agreeably interrupt the chat.

On the other hand, he ought in due time to commence, to consider everything, entertaining the guests, and managing all so adroitly as to give time to the more dilatory to eat at their leisure; if necessary for this, slowly tasting the viands, or, when table-talk is permissible, introducing a little chat during the meal, so that the others can finish at their ease.

As I drive that way it always seems to look out at me like some half-earnest worker, inviting a chat about the weather or the county fair; hence, probably, its good-natured dilapidation.

Miss Bannister, however, did not seem in the least slighted, and sat down to join the chat.

And therewith make the neighboring groues to ring; And when the sun steales downward to the west We leave our chat and whistle in the fist, Which is a signall to our stragling flocke As Trumpets sound to men in martiall shocke.

Timmins, however, the gray-haired old head clerk, was in the office with him, and Mr. Taynton always liked a chat with Timmins.

"I need a chat with you.

The organ was playing; and the low, deep, tremulous rumble that an organ gives sometimes, when it seems to creep under and vibrate all things with a strange, vital thrill, overswept their trivial chat and made Leslie almost shiver.

He wrote easily, spicily, and persistently; he had a favourite stepdaughter, with whom he corresponded for years; and so it happens that we have preserved to us, side by side with the majestic march of Clio (who, of course, paid not the slightest attention to him), Mr. Creevey's exhilarating pas de chat.

"Enos," said he, as he stretched out his hand for the third cup of tea, (which he had taken only for the purpose of prolonging the pleasant table-chat,)

Oft cheered the shepherds round their social hearth; Whom levity or spleen could ne'er entice To purchase chat or laughter at the price Of decency.

She could not brag of her triumphs nor repeat the friendly chat with Mr. Strong.

But I must reserve chit-chat to the end of my letter, and first give you a minute account of all your friends.

My memory has retained my first chat of love in its absolute innocence.

The dame replied: 'Tis sung in every street, The common chat of gossips when they meet;

You just come at once, as I tell you, and for heaven's sake stop this back-chat.

The other night the Professor and the Scotch Preacher happened in here together and we fell to discussing, I hardly know how, for we usually talk the neighbourhood chat of the Starkweathers, of Horace and of Charles Baxter, we fell to discussing old Izaak Waltonand the nonsense (as a scientific age knows it to be) which he sometimes talked with such delightful sobriety.

"I told Mountstuart that I wanted a private chat with you.

We'll wash this chat with wine.

To these and other tributes Moncrif adds idyls and romances of his own, while regretting that it never occurred to Theocritus to write a bergerie de chats.

There was a cricket behind the hedge, who accompanied our chat with his chaunt of hope, and all the valley, whispering in the dark, took pleasure in hearing us talk so softly.

,' said Lancelot, who had a continual longing- -right or wrongto chat with his inferiors; and was proportionately sulky and reserved to his superiors.

He had the inveterate habit of being at his ease under all circumstances, but she had felt that he took these great people with a really exaggerated lack of seriousness, answering their chat at random, and showing no chagrin when he was detected in the grossest ignorance about the latest move of the French Royalist party, or the probabilities as to the winner of the Grand Prix.

Sir Stephen bit at the end of his moustache, his thick black brows lowered, as if he scarcely knew how to begin the "chat," and Falconer waited without any offer of assistance.

Come, Philomusus, let us break this chat.

LION, LIONNE, le plus puissant des quadrupรจdes carnassiers du genre chat.

You're a weak sister, ef ye can't ceount an' chat, tew.

We say, an honest man calls a spade a spade; and the French call "un chat un chat."

He soon went down to the town and looked up his former schoolfellows, and even called upon his old class-master, and ended a long chat by expressing his earnest hope that the boys at present in his form were better at their verses than he had been.

Sadie is more than big; she is beautiful, burnished-copper-haired, sincere and kind, and, though I think the author "gets this over" quite well I liked her best before she found her man and her Robinson Crusoe adventures among the islands of Ontario, and was giving back chat to the little foreman in the factory.

Street slang isn't Science, dear pal, And it don't need no "glossery" tips to hinterpret my chat to my gal.