43 Verbs to Use for the Word cheating

Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, not only destroyed the temples of the gods, but discovered the cheats of the priests, by shewing that the statues, some of which were of brass, and others of wood, were hollow within, and led into dark passages made in the wall.

I find the cheat, and will not to the Camp; Thou shalt supply my place, and I'll return: The Night grows on, and something will be done That I must be acquainted with.

Sir, you know the old Cheat; hire a Lay Rascal in a Canonical Habit, and put a false Marriage upon her.

Mrs. Rosenberg detected the cheat at once; and, as she was needing the money for the socks, she scolded Mandoline soundly, and pelted her pretty little hands, rat, tat, tat, with a steel thimble.

By all the Gods that are not, I will expose the cheat, or perish in the endeavour.

"It shall not benefit deceit, Nor help the man who's played the cheat.

Then might the Thebans perish with renown: But now a beardless victor sacks the town; Whom nor the prancing steed, nor ponderous shield, Nor the hacked helmet, nor the dusty field, But the soft joys of luxury and ease, The purple vests, and flowery garlands, please. Stand then aside, I'll make the counterfeit 50 Renounce his godhead, and confess the cheat.

The following famous lines on the worth of existence are taken from his tragedy of Aurengzebe: "When I consider'd life, 'tis all a cheat, Yet, fool'd with hope, men favor the deceit, Trust on, and think to-morrow will repay: To-morrow's falser than the former day, Lies worse; and while it says, we shall be blest With some new joys, cuts off what we possest.

How did my heart embrace the dear deceit, And fondly cherish the deluding cheat!

But to clear up this palpable cheat to my man Friday, I told him, "that the pretence of their ancient men going up to the mountain to say O to their God Benamuckee was an imposture, and that their bringing back an answer was all a sham, if not worse; for that, if there was any such thing spoken to them, surely it must proceed from an infernal spirit."

But does our Lord bid us copy a cheat?

But they, at every ill success, Like creatures lost without redress, Cursed politicians, armies, fleets; While every one cried, 'Damn the cheats!' And would, though conscious of his own, In others barbarously bear none.

But how often I was deemed a cheat, how often repulsed, how often put off with empty hope, how often confused in myself, I cannot express.

This was the origin of the proverb which described a cheat as "a dealer in goat by halves.

But I will grant your merit a reward; Your flame's too noble to deserve a cheat, And I too plain to practise a deceit.

He was not so very much surprised; and, to my great astonishment, he was not at first sure that it would be best to let the Wilkinses know that we had discovered their cheating.

People emerged from the restaurants or entered them, grave, intent, dignified, or gently and agreeably excited or keen and vigilantbeyond the cheating of the sharpest waiter born.

He for subscribers baits his hook; And takes your cash: but where's the book? No matter where; wise fear, you know Forbids the robbing of a foe; But what to serve our private ends Forbids the cheating of our friends?

Or surprizing a Boors ken, for granting cheats! Prig.

Instantly, almost before the speech was out, the giant in the apron had hurled himself across the room and gripped the cheat, who stood, a hand arrested on its way to his pocket, snarling helplessly.

I hate cheats!"

My heart has brooded o'er sorrows untold, until life has seemed an awful blank, humanity a cheat, and myself an outcast.

They have terms to indicate cheat, liar, thief, murderer, coward, fool, lazy man, drunkard, babbler.

And yet it is not difficult to discover farmers to-day who will stubbornly argue that "wheat makes cheat."

O Faith that meets ten thousand cheats Yet drops no jot of faith!

43 Verbs to Use for the Word  cheating