14 Verbs to Use for the Word chemical

Joe was busy mixing up some chemicals in a pail on the ground outside his tent when he was accosted by a rather hoarse voice asking: "Any chance for a job here, boss?"

"If I could only remember the chemicals!" said Sin Saxon.

KIRKINTILLOCH (10), a town on the Forth and Clyde Canal, 7 m. N. of Glasgow, manufactures chemicals, has calico works, and mines of coal and iron.

In the push and drive of the industrial world, women are handling dangerous chemicals in making flash lights, and T.N.T. for high explosive shells.

"After they took those lush lands away from the rightful owners, they desecrated much of it over the years, seeing it only as something to take from and to pour harsh chemicals into for various reasons of their own.

"Yes," answered Joe, surprised that a man, evidently of such a class, should recognize the not very common chemical.

This electricity or something that shook the star dust together and made the chemicals, and shook the chemicals together and made the animalswell, it's fierce stuff.

For hour after hour I worked on, sorting out my various chemicals, and preparing such methods of treatment as were necessary in each case.

When they became more housed and more clothed, they captured the juices of the flowers in nutshells, and later in stone bottles, until now science disdains animals and flowers, but takes chemicals and waste products to make a hundred essences and unguents and sachets for toilet and boudoir.

The Bureau of Health would want its chemical and its biological laboratories; the Bureau of Agriculture would need to do chemical work covering a wide range of subjects, and botanical and entomological work as well.

Therefore, in this emergency, he took keen pleasure in buying all the chemicals, appliances and apparatus he wished, and installing them in his real 'bag and baggage' car.

On a table down the midst were instruments, a scale for weighing chemicals, some measures and a charcoal furnace with a blow-pipe; and across the whole of one end of the room was a system of wooden pigeon-holes, stacked with chemicals and herbs, for the most part wrapped in parchment.

A variation of this belief is that in summer the sap contains certain chemicals which affect the properties of wood and does not contain them in winter.

And the cream of all the milky joke was that he had learnt all his science free, from Government, at school and college, and he not only used his knowledge to be first-class superior anarchist but he got chemicals from Government own laboratory.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  chemical