81 Verbs to Use for the Word chills

Gradually, as time fled, I began to feel the chill of a great winter.

Nothing that sends a cold chill down your back will be allowed in our paper.

The sight of the unscreened windows of her new home struck a chill into Imtiazan's heart; and when the door opened and she was met by three elderly Muhammadans who saluted her as their "Bai-Saheb," fear took possession of her soul.

" "Yet why is my heart so cold, Beltane, and wherefore do I tremble?" "The night grows chill, mayhap.

Wait!'he put up his hand with a gesture frequent with him, like a policeman stopping the traffic at Hyde Park Corner. 'Wait!leave out the influenza altogether, and just say I've caught a slight chill.' 'Yes.

We were caught in a storm on a long country excursion, my stepmother got a severe chill and within a week was dead.

I tell you, it gave me a chill of ghosts to see the big black fellow's eyes.

The night is mild, and a gentle trot will keep you from taking chills.

"As for me eloping with your belongings all you ever had was a dirty handkerchief kimona, a Fluffy Ruffles skirt and a near-seal jacket, and you had to throw a chill when you entered a cafe so as not to have to take that off.

He was not a superstitious man, but, in the visions which haunted him, perhaps, was something which made him unusually excitablefor, he experienced a chill of absolute horror, as, standing at the farther end of the room, with his face turned towards the entrance, he beheld the door noiselessly and slowly pushed open, by a pale, thin hand, and a figure dressed in a loose white robe, glide softly in.

But there were no waiting Madonnas under the pergola, and the air of the early spring morning blew chill from the Lido, almost with an intimation of failure to his sensitive mood.

He went out and walked slowly through sunny, unfrequented places, high up in the city, trying to shake off the chill of his fear as a man hopes to rid himself of an ague by sitting in the sun.

" Can you say whether you noticed any especial chill in the hall when you went out to telephone?" "My teeth were chattering but" "Had they chattered before?

This formality caused a chill in both, and each unconsciously stopped and curtsied.

Finally she hailed a tramp And, contriving to decamp To the shores of Patagonia, Finding them too chill and damp, Perished of acute pneumonia.

Half a dozen times he was up during the night; before dawn he had his coffee boiling; before the sun was up he was well on his way again, driving the cramped chill out of him by walking vigorously.

In absence of its enforcement, the later comer brings into the warmed up sleeping-bag not only the chill of his own body, he lets in the bitter wind, and brings along whatever snow and ice is clinging to his boots and clothes.

Together we hungered and bore the chill of the frost, and together we crawled beneath the one fur and lay close to each other.

Otto's blood ran chill, but he mustered sufficient courage to inquire hoarsely: "What of its further virtues?"

POEMS BY HELEN HUNT JACKSON "DOWN TO SLEEP" November woods are bare and still; November days are clear and bright; Each noon burns up the morning's chill; The morning's snow is gone by night.

If haply toward the stream 230 He cast his roving eye, cold horror chills His soul; averse he flies, trembling, appalled.

It seemed to me to be a kind of sitting-room, with a plain deal table and a couple of chairs, but there was no stove, and the place looked chill and comfortless.

I loved sometimes, when the air was full of the bright sunshine, to look at the rich shades of green upon those tree-tops; but if ever my eye rested, for a moment only, upon the dark and mysterious avenues which led into the depths of the wood beneath them, there would creep such a chill to my heart,such a feeling of dread would come over me,that I turned quickly to the glad-looking homestead, that I might again grow warm and happy.

In spite of the blanket and the deerskin tunic it made its way along his neck and then down his shoulders and chest, the chill that went downward meeting the chill that came upward from his feet, now almost frozen.

There is the great danger when overheated of contracting a chill.

81 Verbs to Use for the Word  chills