124 Verbs to Use for the Word chin

The chief rubbed his chin.

You sit with committees and stroke your profound chin, or you spend your talent in the market, or run to and fro and wag your tongue in persuasion.

She rested her ample chin on a much-bejeweled hand for a moment; and, when Mrs. Pendomer raised her face, her voice was free from affectation.

With spring sunshine even hot against the steel rails of Winchester Road, and awnings drawn against its inroads into the window display, Mrs. Shila Coblenz, routing gloom, reached up tiptoe across the haberdashery counter for the suspended chain of a cluster of bulbs, the red of exertion rising up the taut line of throat and lifted chin.

Then she leaned her chin upon her hand and looked pleadingly at her strange acquaintance.

" "Forsooth," quoth Roger, scratching his chin, "Shallowford village lieth but a bowshot through the brush yonderyet, forsooth, a man shall eat little there, methinks, these days.

For a time she lay once more in an uneasy sleep; but still, throughout even this, she was conscious of his presence; and when, a little while after, she again saw him, he was not walking to and fro before the foot of the bed, but sitting beside her, with one hand laid upon the pillow on which her head was resting, the other supporting his chin.

Beside him rode a lady of a wondrous dark beauty, sleepy eyed and languid; yet her glance was quick to meet the Duke's bold look, and, 'neath her mantle, her fingers met, once in a while, and clung with his, what time his red lips would smile; but, for the most part, his brow was gloomy and he fingered his chin as one in thought.

But Donnegan merely dropped his chin upon his hand and smiled mirthlessly at Joe Rix.

"France," proclaimed Tellier, raising his chin proudly, "is always on the side of justice and decency.

She stood and looked, holding her chin very high, and trying to check its unsteadiness.

It was here that Richard Arkwright shaved chins at a halfpenny each, in the meantime working out his bold and ingenious schemes, with patient faith in their ultimate success.

Gauzita took up a midget of an eyeglass which she had dangling from a thread of a gold chain, and she stuck it in her eye and tilted her impertinent little chin and looked him over.

As she spoke, she took her chin from her hand and sat upright, gathered up her reins, and, with another of the faint inclinations of her head, by way of adieu, rode on up the valley.

Presently something cold touched his chin.

Cartwright's eyes were bloodshot, his face was going purple, and he thrust out his heavy chin.

Having glanced at her long list of names and called out the first one, she tossed up her chin and peered through the crystals of her spectacles to make sure of the answer "Here.

" West settled his chin in his hand and scowled at the flames.

"And is this love of thine so hopeless, my Beltane?" "Beyond all thought; she is the Duchess Helen of Mortain!" Now for a while the hermit spake not, sitting chin in hand as one who halts betwixt two courses.

Rougon wagged her chin.

" She propped her chin on the tips of her fingers, and her arm was a thing of grace.

He spoke with his hands behind his head again, after he had slowly taken out a handkerchief and wiped his chin.

With the nonchalance born of long custom, the official covered the royal chin with soap, drew the razor swiftly round it, and sponged over the surface with spirits of wine.

Nevertheless, I would not dare to assert that he did not like to pinch the young girls' chins, especially of those who had made their first communion and were near to the marriageable age; a familiarity which, thanks to his gray hairs, and the development of his abdomen, he thought was permitted him, but which, however, is not always without danger.

Miss Gordon's bed was carefully examined, and she was obliged to suffer the rude scrutiny of one of the party, by feeling her chin, to ascertain that it was not a man in a lady's night-dress.

124 Verbs to Use for the Word  chin
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