5 Verbs to Use for the Word chipmunk

Sahwah and Miss Judy had somewhat recovered their composure by this time, and having captured the wildly agitated stocking they released from it a half-grown chipmunk, who, beside himself with fright and bewilderment, dashed away into the woods like a flash.

Katherine gave vent to an exclamation that sent a nearby chipmunk scampering away in a panic.

They would think they were wasting their time if they bothered to shoot chipmunks and squirrels.

"Yes," said Mary, "all of the Indians have heard their fathers tell of the kindness of the old father chipmunk in the days when the animals knew so much and could talk, and so they warn the children against injuring these pretty little creatures.

All the while he does not neglect to vituperate the chipmunks and sparrows that whisk off crumbs of comfort from under the camper's feet.

5 Verbs to Use for the Word  chipmunk