47 Verbs to Use for the Word chronicling

Could any of us write a chronicle of any house we ever lived in, and leave you out?" Mrs. Carey took Nancy's outstretched hands and was pulled up from the greensward.

Heare me: any Englishman That can but read our Chronicles can tell That many of our Kings and noblest Princes Have fetcht their best and royallest wives from Spayne, The very last of all binding both kingdomes Within one golden ring of love and peace By the marriage of Queene Mary with that little man (But mighty monarch)

They had taken a villa at Deauville, and in the morning papers Undine followed the chronicle of Hubert's polo scores and of the Countess Hubert's racing toilets.

"The history of the diplomatic relations of Europe with Morocco, presents only a chronicle of shameful concessions made by the European powers to the Moorish princes.

About 1300, Robert, a monk of Gloucester, composed a chronicle in English verse, following in the main the authority of the Latin chronicles, and he was succeeded by other rhyming chroniclers in the 14th century.

I compiled the "Chronicles of Newgate," reviewed books for the "Review," and occasionally tried my best to translate into German portions of the publisher's philosophy.

In the same journal appeared the no less important intelligence, which explains, while it completes this veracious chronicle: "It is rumored that a marriage is shortly to take place between the hero of the late treasure discovery and a young lady of Red Chief, whose devoted aid and assistance to this important work is well known to this community.

In European history the day has passed when it was allowable to construct primitive chronicles out of fairy tales and nature myths.

He sent his daughter to the library, who returned bearing a huge tome containing the chronicle of Florence of Worcester.

When a family is so large, it practically includes two generations in itself; and these three girls were really to prove a generation so different in characteristics from their four elders as to demand a separate chronicle to themselves.

Not a worm that gnaws on the dull scalp of voluminous Holinshed, but at every meal devoured more chronicle than his tribe amounts to.

She divides her charming chronicle into three partsPeace, The Vortex, and Victory.

In the historical schools of the north compilers had laboured at Hexham, at Durham, and in the Yorkshire monasteries to draw together valuable chronicles founded on the work of Baeda; but in 1153 the historians of Hexham closed their work, and those of Durham in 1161.

For you walk on history there and drink the chronicle:Washington's old fort is crumbling, but still visible;Morgan, the strong soldier, sleeps there, after all his storms;and grim, eccentric Fairfax lies where he fell, on hearing of the Yorktown ending.

For this reason we had hoped to meet them and exchange the chronicle of the day, concerning the condition of cattle on their range, the winter drift, and who would be captain this year on the western division, but had traveled the entire day without meeting a man.

"We have not yet finished our 'Gondal Chronicles' that we began three years and a half ago.

Here, therefore, will I transcribe certain notes (forming a brief chronicle) from that secret journal which, for the clearer understanding of my position, I began to keep the day I took possession of Simon's lodge and entered upon my new office.

For it was he who, as archbishop of the North, "strictly and earnestly" charged his friend and clerk Saxo to gather the Danish chronicles

From her clients she gleaned the freshest chronicles of Newbern's social life, many being such as one might safely repeat; many more, Winona uncomfortably recalled, the sort no good woman would let go any further.

Time after time, we have entered the serf field and serf hut,have seen the simple round of serf toils and sports,have heard the simple chronicles of serf joys and sorrows.

Until the publication of the unknown poems, it was possible to ignore the "Gondal Chronicles".

All the poetry and fire informing the early pages of the Kuran departs with his reception at Medina, except for occasional flashes that illumine the chronicle of detailed ordinances that the Book has now become.

They illustrate Matarazzo's Perugian chronicle better than any other Renaissance pictures; for in frescoes like those of Pinturicchio at Siena the same qualities are softened to suit the painter's predetermined harmony, whereas Signorelli rejoices in their pure untempered character.

The very faculties that made it so easy for them to live in the present moment, were likely to unfit them for keeping its chronicle.

It is remarkable how late the French writers won laurels in the field of historical composition, and how long France, with all her national vanity, has lacked a complete and classical chronicle,brilliant and invaluable fragments whereof abound.

47 Verbs to Use for the Word  chronicling
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