71 Verbs to Use for the Word chum

In this frame of mind she crushed a soft straw hat down over her brown hair one day and set out to find her chums, feeling the need of their sympathy.

I only wanted to have your permission to tell my three chums what you've been saying to me," explained Max.

"Maybe," replied his chum.

" Modest Mr. Farley did not mention the fact that he was running toward the stern, intent on following his chums into the rough sea at the very instant when the order reached him.

"Do you think so?" asked his chum, joyously.

But one idea was in his mind, that of rescuing his chum from peril.

If you meet your dearest chum who has just come out of the Transvaal War by the skin of his teeth, it is not permitted you to say more than: "Aherhow d'ye do.

And that settled it, just as Max had been confident would be the case; for he knew his chums too well to believe they would be willing to let such a brave fight be lost when the goal seemed so near.

"That's so," returned his chum.

Andy had accompanied his chum in that backward movement; but never for an instant did he remove his eyes from the strange spectacle that was taking place there in front of them both.

But when the package was undone there were broad grins, for dainty sandwiches flanked by a generous assortment of wings and drumsticks, connected at one time with a number of spring chickens, came into view, besides some pickles, and even a bunch of cookies, which Frank assured his chums had been actually made by the fair hands of Nellie herself.

General Lee, their kinsman, had shaken his Socratic head solemnly when Rosa, at the War Department, told him, as an excellent joke, the strange chance that had brought Vincent's college chum and his family under the kind Rosedale roof.

Pastor Drury had let fall a remark, a month before the Week, to the effect that any Christian who had a chum could dodge Win-My-Chum week, but he couldn't dodge his chum.

It always made her sore when I got chums with Amy at school and got my nose in it with the Acme crowd, andand she'll change her tune now, I guess, me marrying her husband's second cousin.

" 'E ain't bin 'ung with medals like a blackamore with beads; 'E doesn't figure on the screen a-doin' darin' deeds; But reckon I'll be lucky if I gets to Kingdom Come Along o' that Contemptible wot wouldn't leave a chum.

Dan Dalzell, watching his chum with cat-like eyes, followed and made the best interference that he had offered that day.

"But don't you think we can do it?" demanded his chum, anxiously watching his expressive face.

" "And desert my chum when he's in trouble?

" Noaks certainly seemed to have discovered a chum in the black sheep of the Upper Fourth, and the Triple Alliance began to congratulate themselves that he would trouble them no further.

While she wuz away visitin' this school chum in a southern city she met a young chap handsome as Appolyan, I knew from what she said, and so talented and gifted, I could see in a minute they had fell in love voylently from the very first time they met, and day by day the attraction growed till they wuz completely wropped up in each other.

Now their task seemed lighter, as though, having succeeded in dragging their chum up several inches, with his whole weight now suspended by the rope, the job was going to be finished in short order.

" "Amen!" echoed his chum; and there was no levity in his tones, either.

" Of course one of Frank's objects in saying this was to encourage his chum, for he knew that in all probability Andy was getting pretty close to what he himself would call a "blue funk.

and she faced her chums resolutely.

The motor cycle, bearing the two chums, had made the curve in the road successfully and was now straightened up on a long, level stretch.

71 Verbs to Use for the Word  chum