55 Verbs to Use for the Word clasp

I could see his pleasant eyes looking at me in friendship, as they had looked a few hours before; I could hear his voice, could feel the clasp of his hand.

Regent (she loosens the clasp of her robe).

"I don't know how to thank you," she said, giving me a feverish clasp of her hand.

"Come with me, then," I answered; and as she shrank away, I tightened my clasp of her waist and drew her forward.

Strength shall sustain the strengthless, nor the soft hand loose its grasp Of the hand it trusts and clings totill another meet its clasp.... Steel-hard to man's last anguish, wax-soft to woman's mood!

Then Beltane would have loosed his clasp, but her white hands reached up and clung upon his broad shoulders, yet when she spake her voice was low and humble.

"You must write to your friend," said he, "that you have broken the clasp of her necklace and that you are having it repaired.

I just flashed it before your eyes, uncle, and made you think that you saw the clasp.

And as she spoke she pressed the clasp of the band, and, behold!

Although he fastened the clasp with a workman's firm touch, he thrilled.

"No," said I, laughing at his serious countenance and returning his clasp firmly.

I sent them back to the stair with affected sternness, but I got a second hand-clasp from Dorothy as she passed me.

" "This"tightening and relaxing the clasp of her zone"is the symbol of stricter or more indulgent household rule."

But let me ask, Mr. Carter, why you suspected my nephew of taking the clasp.

The little bent man tried again to smile, hoping for a friendly glance, perhaps a hand-clasp without words from some one of them.

But the jewelled butterfly which loosely held the fold in place was insecurely fastened, and the front of the gown slipped to the side, exposing a firm white breast, which had never known the lip-clasp of a child.

"These are yours, I believe, young lady," he remarked, breathlessly, throwing the shawl about my shoulders as he spoke, and laying the broken clasp in my hand.

But such as they were, blotted and scrawled, as for a child's use, she kept them all; and in the zenith of her after reputation it was a delightful sight to behold them bound up in costliest Morocco, each singleeach small part making a bookwith fine clasps, gilt-splashed, &

I observed the quick motion with which John thrust into a compartment of the desk, the sheet on which he had been writing; I observed the clasp of their hands as she glided by him; I observed her face; I observed his; and I knew as I had never fully known before how intensely they loved each other.

" He placed the suitcase in front of Mr. Tutt and opened the clasps with his shaking old fingers.

Half-a-dozen gold bangles of real oriental workmanship, three or four jewelled arrows, flies and beetles, and caterpillars, to pin on her laces and flowers, a diamond clasp for her pearl necklace, a dear little gold hunter to wear when she rode in the park, a diamond butterfly to light up that old-fashioned amethyst parure which the jeweller was to reset with an artistic admixture of brilliants.

"I placed the diamond clasp on the very top of the pile of jewels within.

Had other confirmation been wanting, after the mark on Tamar's shoulder had been acknowledged, the vagrant added it, by producing a clasp of one armlet, which she had retained, and carried about with her in a leathern bag, amongst sundry other heterogeneous relics; and she accounted for having preserved it, from the fear she had of exposing a cypher wrought on a precious stone, which might, she thought, lead to detection.

'There was little if any hæmorrhage until release of the tourniquet, when the whole broad surface became deluged with blood, three or four small arteries spurting and veins flowing in all directions, so much so that I was glad to reafix the clasp, and with the firing-iron seal up the vessels, searing gently all over the surface.

Then she released the clasp of my hand, and leaned back against the wall, shading her eyes.

55 Verbs to Use for the Word  clasp