141 Verbs to Use for the Word clauses

Those to be found in Ingulf are genuine; but so imperfect, and contain so few clauses favourable to the subject, that we see no great reason for their contending for them so vehemently.

* "To me the feasible thing to do appears to be to insert a clause in stipulations covering all short series of a special character, such as intercity, inter-league and world's series, making it compulsory for the teams to alternate between the cities or grounds of the competing clubs.

Mr. Tyler opposed with great power the clause prohibiting the abolition of the slave trade till 1808, and said, "My earnest desire is, that it shall he handed down to posterity that I oppose this wicked clause."

With regard, sir, to the reasons for introducing this clause, they are, in my judgment, valid and equitable.

A relative pronoun is a pronoun that represents an antecedent word or phrase, and connects different clauses of a sentence; as, "No people can be great, who have ceased to be virtuous.

The bill receives his solemn assent; the subsidies are voted; but no sooner is the tyrant relieved than he returns at once to all the arbitrary measures which he had bound himself to abandon, and violates all the clauses of the very act which he had been paid to pass.

Listen, now, to the questions of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, respecting the constitutional clause now under consideration: "'In outward show, it is a representation of persons in bondage; in fact, it is a representation of their masters,the oppressor representing the oppressed.

He added the saving clause under Milo's reproving eye.

That is, if the state is the plaintiff, the suit may be tried by the United States Supreme Court (compare clause 2).

We struck out a clause by which Le Blanc would have been obliged to sit to tax costs every day in the year.

In the committee, when we have considered the first clause, and heard the objections against it, we may mend it; or, if it cannot be amended, reject or postpone it, and so proceed through the whole bill with much greater expedition, and at the same time, with a more diligent view of every clause, than while we are obliged to take the whole at once into our consideration.

Mr. Ellsworth was for leaving the clause as it stands.

Mr. Spaight further explained the clause.

But again, Maryland and Virginia, in their acts of cession, declare them to be "in pursuance of" that clause of the constitution which gives to Congress "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over" the ten miles squarethus, instead of restricting that clause, both States gave an express and decided confirmation of it.

I apprehend the clause (touching the slave trade) means to bring forward manumission."

He look'd around, And often found, A damsel passing fair; "She's good enough," he then would cry, And rub his hands, and wink his eye, "I'll be enamour'd there!" He thus resolved; but had not power To hold the humour "half an hour" And critics, vers'd in Cupid's laws, Pretended they had found a clause,

It takes a single point of state policy, and exalts it above NATIONAL interests, utterly overshadowing them; abrogating national rights; making void a clause of the Constitution; humbling the general government into a subjectcrouching for favors to a superior, and that too on its own exclusive jurisdiction.

Maryland and Virginia "suppositions" must be potent suppositions, to abrogate a clause in the United States Constitution!

Mr. Dickinson wished the clause to be confined to the States which had not themselves prohibited the importation of slaves; and for that purpose moved to amend the clause, so as to read: "The importation of slaves into such of the States as shall permit the same, shall not be prohibited by the Legislature of the United States, until the year 1808;" which was disagreed to, nem.

Mr. Chairman, the worthy gentleman, I believe, has misunderstood this clause, which runs in the following words: "The migration or importation of such persons as any of the States now existing, shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the year 1808, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each person.

It even at first included in its resolution the Swiss Guards also; but was subsequently compelled to withdraw that clause, since an old treaty with Switzerland expressly secured to the republic the right of always furnishing a regiment for the honorable service of guarding the palace.

But this objection may be obviated by accommodating the title to the contents; there may be some inconsistency in combining the ideas which gentlemen have expressed, that is, considering the human race as a species of property; but the evil does not arise from adopting the clause now proposed, it is from the importation to which it relates.

Our excellent translators, in rendering the clause 'partakers of the benefit,' evidently lost sight of the component preposition, which expresses the opposition of reciprocity, rather than the connection of participation.

exclaimed Mr. Bragg, when he had read the clause seven times, each perusal contributing to leave the case still clearer in favour of his employer, the individual, and still stronger against the hoped-for future employers, the people.

Mr. Read was for the commitment, provided the clause concerning taxes on experts should also be committed.

141 Verbs to Use for the Word  clauses
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