62 Verbs to Use for the Word climaxes

At three o'clock, that hour when so often a summer's day reaches its stilly climax and the heat-dance becomes a thing visible, West Cabanne Terrace and its kind slip into sheerest and crêpiest de Chine, click electric fans to third speed, draw green shades, and retire for siesta.

Patsy also bought her a set of soft and pretty furs, thinking she might need them on the journey if the weather continued cool, and this seemed to cap the climax of Myrtle's happiness.

It was like watching a play that approaches its climax.

Beginning with the first infantry attack by the Germans on Monday, February 21, after twenty-four hours of continuous bombardment, the battles incident to the siege of Verdun were fought at brief intervals during the next two months, down to the middle of April, and marked the climax of the War.

But to take the earner, is a compound, life-long theftsupreme robbery, that vaults up the climax at a leapthe dread, terrific, giant robbery, that towers among other robberies a solitary horror, monarch of the realm.

After relating the short and evil history of Jehoram, King of Judah, the account endswith the appalling terseness which often crowns the dramatic climaxes of that matchless writing: "And (he) departed without being desired.

"As this was attaining its climax, one of the inmates of the Palace, a pert forward boy, resembling a page out of livery, passed by, and ironically, as I thought, congratulated us on the strength of our mutual attachment.

" A band outside B Mess was nearing the climax of GRIEG'S "Peer Gynt" suite.

And if, again, to complete the climax, I did but shave my head like a Chinese, I should be a model for St. Francis himself!'

To this ferocious 'Code', Sir Robert Peel, in our own day, added the climax, that no Catholic should quit his dwelling between the hours of sunset and sunrise, an exaggeration of the 'Curfew Law' of William the Conqueror.

"It was the assurance of peace with Spain, and the confirmation of the recent treaties; the Regent's enemies saw in it the climax of the policy, by the choice of an infant, which retarded the king's marriage."

The gymnastic apostle rises to eloquence in proportion to the height of the handswings, and points his climax to match the peak-ladders.

He was rather glad Mershone was in no hurry to precipitate a climax.

The train of thought they had been pursuing seemed to have found its climax in the turn given it by Barwood.

"I don't care to anticipate the climax, Hildreth.

Just walking back across the desert and quitting the search,it lacked, somehow, the dramatic climax.

Andand he was killed that day!" Dusty Miller halted there with the inborn artistry that left his climax to speak for itself.

But he now lost a definite climax when his wife's comment was heard to be: "Monona!

Her excitement had missed by a hairsbreadth the spiritual climax.

The preference was because of a number of counts, however; moreover, the man eater takes second place beside Little Shikara, whose bravery and loyalty motivate the thrilling climax of the narrative.

I often eat with them," he added as one who mounts a climax.

Thus note the climax in Queen Margaret's curse upon the traitorous Gloster: "If Heaven have any grievous plague in store Exceeding those that I can wish upon thee, Oh, let them keep it till thy sins be ripe, And then hurl down their indignation On thee, the troubler of the poor world's peace!

In that sudden awakening had occurred the very psychological climax required to reveal the passionate emotion accumulated below.

As might be expected, it straggles, and overlays its climax with a too-lavish abundance of incidents; it lacks the harmony of values which results from the introduction of a unifying purposei.e., of art.

The sudden conflict had passed its cruel climax, but she rode through streets slippery with blood; she was stopped at every corner.

62 Verbs to Use for the Word  climaxes