17 Verbs to Use for the Word clips

Of course, the man never dreamed of quitting until legal closing hour, and when he got home, if wife objected, why he just hit her a clip,it was, of course, for her good,"a woman, a dog, and a walnut tree,"you know the adage.

Thenthe fusillade continuing without intermission save when the man outside stopped long enough to extract an empty clip and replace it with one loadedLanyard edged along the partition to the door, calculated the stand of the lunatic in the saloon from the angle at which the bullets were coming through, and emptied the pistol he had taken from Phinuit at the panels as fast as he could pull trigger.

"Huh! it's all very well for you to talk that way, Jerry, because you happen to be a fine shot, and can bag your game the first clip; but what's a fellow going to do when he finds it difficult to hit a barn?

There is love In every thing that lives: the very sunne Does burne in love while we partake his heate; The clyming ivy with her loving twines Clips the strong oake.

In selecting a half-leaf of a spring, choose one the width of the springs to the machine, and carry along three or four small spring clips, for it is quite likely a spring may be broken in the course of a long run, and, if so, the half-leaf can be clipped over the break, making the broken spring as serviceable and strong for the time being as if sound.

A maid cannot love, or catch a lip-clip or a lap-clap, but here's such tittle-tattle, and Do not so, and Be not so light, and Be not so fond, and Do not kiss, and Do not love, and I cannot tell what; and I must love, an I hang for't.

Was a pretty free stepper in the mazes of the dance, and once, when she was balancing partners with Doodums, she kicked out sort of playful to give him a love pat and fetched him a clip with her tootsey that gave him water on the kneepan.

One fellow went down, but at the same moment I got a clip across my wrist with a knife, and down went the pistol.

Stand up an' answer Mister Carlyle, or yer'll git a worse clip than I give yer afore.

The wind was freshening constantly, and the Dazzler heeled a lively clip through the comparatively smooth stretch.

With the boyish good nature which never seems to desert these little men in red and blue, they stopped and offered us a few clips of German cartridges.

Unless my topesheet goes pack on me, for deh first dime in forty years dere vill pe a record clip pefore a veek from to-tay.

The Frenchman watched him as he slipped a clip full of cartridges into the breech.

[Footnote A: The inventor of this shoe uses the word 'grip' to denote what, in describing other expansion shoes, we term the 'clip' (H.C.R.).

In the course of the second round Willie achieved a smart clip on his opponent's ear, but next moment he received, as it seemed, an express train on the point of his nose, and straightway sat down in agony. 'Is't bled, Wullie?'

then regretfully, tenderly, he undid the clips that fastened the canvas, unlooped the cords from his stone anchors, wiped his brushes, shut his paint-box and moved slowly up the hill toward the house, his mind protestingly adjusting itself to the situation.

A small slit may be made in the end of the ruler or strip of wood near A, but a better plan is to attach a small clip on one side.

17 Verbs to Use for the Word  clips