14 Verbs to Use for the Word cliques

Thus, the chickadee, the golden-crested wren, the white-breasted nuthatch, and, less constantly, the brown creeper and the downy woodpecker, form a little winter clique, of which you do not often see one of the members without one or more of the others.

In Virginia I had to oppose a most bigoted, narrow, illiberal clique in a railroad company, which had the address to get a bill through the House of Delegates giving them actually the monopoly of telegraphs, and ventured to halloo before they were out of the woods.

I felt her longing to throw me the triumphant morsel of news'Jane has deserted you and all your tiresome, conceited, disturbing clique, and is going to marry the promising young editor of her father's chief paper.'

Hu and his relations controlled the country after 1370, until in 1380 Chu succeeded in beheading Hu and exterminating his clique.

One thing is perfectly certain: that such a war as the present is the result of the activity of governing cliques and classes in the various nations, acting through what are called "Diplomatic" channels, for the most part in secret and unbeknown to their respective mass-peoples, and for motives best known to themselves.

Gentry cliques now extended into the provinces and it often became possible to identify a clique with a geographical area, which, however, usually did not indicate particularistic tendencies.

He found it convenient to employ me as a tub to the whale, and, having first excited the insular jealousy against archaeological intrusion by foreigners, and inducing his clique of subordinate intriguers to oppose my operations, though the Christian population in general were in favor of permitting me to excavate wherever I liked, he made them the concession of refusing me the permission I sought.

[-19-] He had instructed his clique that whenever he should ask them in the assemblies: "Who was it that did or said so-and-so?"

Many Germans struggled to overthrow the military clique in Germany, and some of them are among the most gentle-hearted, kindly souls it has ever been my good fortune to meet.

At times energetic rulers were able to play off various cliques against each other, and so to acquire personal power; but the weaker emperors found themselves entirely in the hands of cliques.

They'll rend youup-end you (I carry the marks), This meek-looking, sleek-looking, weak-looking clique With the Bolshevist brains Inflamed at the thought that they ought to have caught Much earlier trains.

Then we will have a general melee, and I will clear out that clique.

The eunuchs served a particular clique to which some of the emperor's wives belonged.

No Toba thought of collecting a large clique around himself; everybody should be the artificer of his own fortune.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  cliques