13 Verbs to Use for the Word clog

Another woman took her clog off, and held it up, saying, "Look at that.

Gee whiz, I'm oney a clog in the wheel.

Meanwhile he was beginning to feel his regular College duties a terrible clog upon his literary work.

One threw down his burden and executed a brief clog.

Frank took possession of the trap, and Archie carried a piece of heavy chain with which to fasten the "clog" to the trap.

By night you heard of Og The huge; nor felt your courage clog At tokens of his onset grim: You marked the sunk ship's flag-staff slim, Lit by her burning sister's heart; You marked, and mused: "Day brings the trial: Then be it proved if I have part With men whose manhood never took denial.

After examining their prize to their satisfaction, the boys commenced looking around through the bushes to find the clog which had been detached from the trap.

Dolly heard a great clatter of four people leaving their clogs and cloaks in the hall, and would not move out of the unused drawing-room, in which for the moment she was seated.

The wood is used for making clogs, pattens, and other such purposes; and the bark for dyeing and manufacturing some of the finer kinds of leather.

I've seen the sun-rays turn the roof ter blist'rin', tarry coal; I've seen the ice-drift clog the bay from foamin' shoal ter shoal; I've faced the winter's snow and sleet, I've felt the summer's shower,

After adjusting the clog to their satisfaction, they threw a few handfuls of snow over the trap and chain, and, after bestowing a few finishing touches, they shouldered their axes and started toward the house.

" A similar feeling is manifest in the following conversation, which, I am assured, is authentic:At Hawick the people used to wear wooden clogs, which make a clanking noise on the pavement.

The chain was them fastened to the trap, and to this was attached the clog, which was a long, heavy limb.

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  clog