147 Verbs to Use for the Word coaling

'My good man,' said he, with a queer smile, 'if you would learn to carry your coals as well as you carry your age you would do well.'

He begged almost tearfully for a small grate which should burn the soft bituminous coal of the region, and be much cheaper to install and maintain.

In so doing he was heaping coals of fire upon the head of his adversary.

This starts the black smoke again, and about this time we will see him down on his knees with his poker, punching at the underside of the grate bars, about the time he is through with this operation the smoke is coming out less dense, and he thinks it time to throw in more coal, and he does it.

"Now, Mr. Dalzell, please detail four members of the section to follow me with their shovels and bring red coals from under another boiler.

Where would have been the reward of your faithful heart?" Mr. Clarkson, whose pipe had gone out, took a coal from the fire and lit it again.

My faultless breast the furnace is, the fuel wounding thorns; Love is the fire, and sighs the smoke, the ashes shame and scorns; The fuel Justice layeth on, and Mercy blows the coals, The metal in this furnace wrought are men's defilèd souls, For which, as now on fire I am, to work them to their good, So will I melt into a bath to wash them in my blood.

From the fire he raked out a live coal and put it on a flat chip.

The skipper, no doubt, expects Montgomery's got a few hogsheads of oil, and it's possible he'll sell us some coal.

To quote his own words: "There be full fair apples, and fair of colour to behold; but whoso breaketh them or cutteth them in two, he shall find within them coals and cinders, in token that by the wrath of God, the city and the land were burnt and sunken into hell."

" "We want coal," said Lister and turned abruptly.

He also illustrated two or three incorrect ways of shoveling coal.

They sell their lime at about 17$. per ton (200 cash a picul), and buy the small coal which they employ in their kilns at about 25$. (300 cash a picul).

Not one in hundreds of the people who walk the streets of Scranton to-day, or who dig the coal from its surrounding hills, can tell you where Burnham Breaker stood a quarter of a century ago.

forsooth, good man, To Normandy; and there he stirs up coals, And urgeth strong aid for confederates Who, as he says, are treacherously disposed.

The stout daughter of Cato, Brutus' wife, Portia, When she had heard his death, did not desire Longer to live: and lacking use of knife (A most strange thing) ended her life by fire, And ate whot-burning coals.

One evening in winter, when he had been putting coals on his grannie's fire, she told him to take a chair beside her, as she wanted a little talk with him.

It is much better to handle bad coal in a good way than to handle good coal in a bad way.

The kind of problem presented to the poor town child will deal with shopping in pennyworths or ounces, with getting coals in pound bagfuls.

Protection, in this sense, iswell, let me follow my own admirable example, and illustrate: You own a coal mine in Pennsylvania, which contains tolerably poor coal, with which you mix a proper amount of stone, and then sell the mixture for a high price.

Almost at the same moment, Pierre offered a salver that contained a capital watch, a pair of small silver tongs to hold a coal, and a deck trumpet, in solid silver.

We know accurately the number of Mr. Starkweather's bedrooms, we can tell how much coal he uses in winter and how many tons of ice in summer, and upon such important premises we argue his riches.

My altars kindled first that living coal; Restore, or practice better, what you stole: That virtue could this humble verse inspire, 'Tis all the restitution I require.

"Entering the shack, I scattered the coals of the fire right and left.

In this district the Fosters work the 10-yard coal in a way different from any body else: they work out the upper half of its thickness and then leave the ground to fall in: after a year or two this ground becomes so hard as to make a good safe roof, and then they work away the other half: thus they avoid much of the danger and difficulty of working the thick bed all at once.

147 Verbs to Use for the Word  coaling