353 Verbs to Use for the Word coating

Compared with the best-known domestic breeds, we find that our wild species is much larger, and, instead of an all-wool garment, wears a thick over-coat of hair like that of the deer, and an under-covering of fine wool.

The principals took off their coats and collars, while their companions drew aside to give them room, and the signal was given to commence the action.

John threw off coat and vest, and, rolling up his sleeves, led the exhausted horse to the currying ground.

And Donnegan, as he buttoned the coat, was nodding slightly to the rhythm of a song which came from the cabin of the colonel near by.

I remember I pulled his coat, and cried "Sir, sir," and tried to move him.

" "Hang your coat and hat behind the sink.

"It isn't too late to give it up, Godfrey." "Oh, yes, it is," he said, coolly, removing his coat "It was too late the moment you told me that story.

But Nicholas was putting on his fur coat, and the others only waited to follow him out.

He had changed his dress-coat for a silk-faced jacket, in which he was in the habit of working with Steinmetz in the quiet room after the household had gone to bed.

No one, I think, would deny that it would be a service if the woman of fashion ceased to drape fur here, there and everywhere on her gowns except where she might really need the thick pelt to keep her warm, and instead saved the price of the garment which serves no purpose but that of display, and gave the money in Liberty Bonds to buy a fur-lined coat for some soldier, or food for a starving baby abroad.

Just see how they have torn their handsome coats, and how the blood is dripping from them.

" "That reminds me," Morriston said with sudden animation, "one of the footmen brought me a fur coat and a soft hat this morning and asked me if they were mine.

" I heard a movement behind me, as I gave Parks my coat, and turned to see Rogers sitting on the cot.

Pay me that thou owest me in broad money, or else leave thy coat and bag and hammer; yet, I wot they are not worth ten shillings, and I shall lose thereby.

With the approval of the selectmen, she bound herself an indentured apprentice to Billy Tuthill, the little lame tailor, for whom she worked faithfully four years, until she had served out her time and was mistress of her trade, even to the recondite mystery of cutting a double-breasted swallow-tail coat by rule and measure.

" By now Jim had drawn his coat on and was back at the door.

Him got bully coat."

"We'll see, anyway," said Heywood, stripping off his coat.

"Where is he?" "He is here," said Spiltdorph, opening his coat.

Then straightway Robin Hood donned a fine steel coat of chain mail, over which he put on a light jacket of Lincoln green.

His cap, which had a badge in front, was greasy, and he carried an oilskin coat.

Yes, it was after; for I remember that I had a deuce of a time unbuttoning my coat to get at my trousers' pocket.

They found an extra coat strapped to each saddle, and with these Barney and Jones were easily transformed into something like Confederate soldiers.

Stealing back to Toby, he laid the coat over his shivering shoulders, chuckling to think that Toby would never know that it was not the saddle-blanket.

Lenore still held his coat and wondered what he was doing.

353 Verbs to Use for the Word  coating