23 Verbs to Use for the Word coffers

The sun had just risen on one of the loveliest vales of Caernarvonshire, as a travelling chaise and six swept up to the door of a princely mansion, so situated as to command a prospect of the fertile and extensive domains, the rental of which filled the coffers of its rich owner, having a beautiful view of the Irish channel in the distance.

Suppose a minister, unfirm in his new-acquired power, to ingratiate himself with his prince, should propose a scheme to replenish the coffers of an exhausted civil list, squandered in such vile purposes, that no man could have the hardiness to come to parliament, or dare to hope a supply for it by any regular application to this house?

The Imperialists found prodigious riches in the camp of which they had become possessed; "for the Sultan had emptied his coffers to supply this army, which was by far the most numerous of any set on foot since the famous siege of Vienna.

They knew the sum which each earned per week; how much they turned in to help swell the family coffers and how much they were allowed to keep for their own use.

Unnumber'd maladies his joints invade, Lay siege to life, and press the dire blockade; But unextinguish'd av'rice still remains, And dreaded losses aggravate his pains; He turns, with anxious heart and crippled hands, His bonds of debt, and mortgages of lands; Or views his coffers with suspicious eyes, Unlocks his gold, and counts it till he dies.

Our utmost united endeavors served only to disturb the coffer very slightly in its bed.

Three compartments divided the coffer.

The second O'Byrne came and dug and dug until he found the coffer, and lifted the lid and saw the gold shining within.

" As he spoke Luke Hatton advanced, and, holding the coffer towards the veiled damsel, so that she could touch it, said"Place your hand upon this silver box, and take possession of it, fair mistress.

Behind them stood Luke Hatton, bearing a heavy silver coffer, of antique workmanship.

To obtain the necessary money the Cid pledged two locked coffers full of sand to the Jews.

On he dashed, fearless of danger, to regain the coffer, but perished in the attempt.

The ore is stamped dry, without water, requiring no coffers; this is a decided advantage as regards first cost, owing to the great weight of the coffers, from 2 to 3 tonsa very heavy item when the cost of transport from Europe at about 50l.

The latter resembles a long square coffer, and is upheld by caryatides, which in a bowed position hold their hands above their heads in support, and are making the most hideous grimaces.

On searching his coffers, all his bonds and mortgages were reduced to cinders.

He saw a great coffer of iron.

And to the priestess said, "Let here be sent Great coffers filled with gold!

She uncloses the carved coffers, and passes through her long fingers the wedding garments of brides turned to dust centuries agothe silver veils, bridal crowns, and quaintly-cut robes of taffetas and brocade, once white, now turned to dingy yellow.

He then told her, for the first time, something of his story, and left with her at parting a small coffer containing his decorations, a few trinkets that had been his mother's, and his swordthe badge of his nobility.

" "You count upon your resources, Harold, like a purse-proud millionaire, who boasts his bursting coffers.

We carried the coffer into the apartment where this worked to heat the stove, to keep the lights burning, to raise, warm, and diffuse the water through the house, and perform many other important household services.

Then I lifted tenderly the lifeless form, laid it on cushions arranged therein, kissed the lips, and closed the coffer.

How free-born citizens complain, with many Yankee curses, Of fate which fills, in spite of them, their coffers and their purses.

23 Verbs to Use for the Word  coffers