169 Verbs to Use for the Word coin

" So Colonel Musgrave gave his son a well-earned coin, as the colonel considered, and it having been decreed, "Now, father, you tell a story," obediently read aloud from a fat red-covered book.

" She was at last taking a gold coin from her little bag, but at that very moment a heavy blow, as if dealt by a fist, resounded on the door.

" He elevated her by the elbow to the step, swinging up half-way after her to drop a coin into the box.

"So thus do I wed need with want," nodded Beltane, tossing him the coin.

And if you throw in a coin and make a sincere unselfish wish, your wish will come true instantly.


Indeed, I had some difficulty in slipping the promised coin into his hand at a moment when his master was not looking.

Punishment of the mintmen in England for issuing base coin.

Then, with a careless shrug of distaste, he drew out a few coins and poured them into Donnegan's palm; the latter pocketed them.

" "All right; have you got a coin?" "No, but I think I've got a brass button.

" "But we didn't steal the coins," said Mugford.

The tramp picked up the coin, and his practiced eye detected that it was bogus.

" "Here it is," said Bellew, holding up the coin in question.

It was impossible to adulterate dues in kind; it was easy to debase the coin when they were paid in money, and that money received by weight, whether it were coin from the royal mints, or the local coinages that had continued from the time of the early English kingdoms, or debased money from the private mints of the barons.

Then a whistle blows, the two teams congregate in the center of the field, the opposing captains flip a coin, the referee, a Yates College man, utters a few words of warning, and the teams separate, St. Eustace taking the ball and the home team choosing the northern goal.

Counsel suggested that it was never intended by those who placed the coins where they were found that they should remain there till the end of time; they were intended, said he, to be taken away by somebody, but by whom was not indicated by the depositors, and as no time or person was mentioned, they must belong to the first finder.

It is like attempting to pass off a counterfeit coin.

He forbade the circulation of spurious coin; he ordered base coiners to be severely punished, and imposed heavy fines upon those who refused to accept the coin in legal circulation.

Usually he carried to Dinnie all coins that he found in the street, but he showed one day that he was going into the ball-business for himself.

Satan had found that coin on the street.

The man turned over the coin in his hand, and implored a larger gift.

When we looked in, very little business was going on, and one of the attendants, in the hope of receiving a small coin, was nothing loath to show us round.

"Here, father, I am bringing you a golden coin from my travels," said the little fellow, and he brought out the ducat the thieves had apportioned to him.

Estada knows this, and will not dare act until he has put clinking coin in the pockets of his men.

" "Then hand over the coin," she commanded.

169 Verbs to Use for the Word  coin