288 Verbs to Use for the Word colours

She changed colour, moved her hands nervously, was evidently overcome with shyness, but didn't utter a sound.

This is a fine apartment; its ceiling in alternate painted panels and arms in relief, Marble columns stand out from the rich oaken walls, rich draperies giving colour to the whole.

And, like the stars above, all the flowers below had lost their colour and looked pale and wan, sweet and sad.

My great boots of untanned buckskin were red with dust, I was bronzed like an Indian, and the sun had taken the colour out of my old blue coat.

Roll up the mutton in a piece of buttered paper, roast it for 2 hours, and do not allow it to acquire the least colour.

This neglect reminded me that, my comrades and commander were devoid of military experience, and I was about to remonstrate when, suddenly wheeling on the rocky platform on which I had first paused in my descent from the summit, and facing towards the latter, we encountered a force outnumbering our own as two to one and wearing the colours of the Regent.

The bracing life they lead in their country home soon brings the colour to their cheeks, and the training they receive fits them for becoming useful citizens and valuable servants of the State.

In order to remove every particle of soap, and produce a good colour, they should now be placed, and boiled for about an hour and a half in the copper, in which soda, in the proportion of a teaspoonful to every two gallons of water, has been dissolved.

Mr Macmichael was very kind and attentive to Mrs Spelman; though, as the carpenter himself said, he hadn't seen the colour of his money for years.

Those substances, on the contrary, treated with oil, harden, assume a more or less deep colour, and are finally carbonized.

I want them to get the feeling of beautiful colour, so I shall show them a book with the colours graded in it, and we shall each have a paper and paint on it all the rich colours we can think of.

Gather the plums when they are full-grown and just turning colour; prick them, put them into a saucepan of cold water, and set them on the fire until the water is on the point of boiling.

He reads the scriptures and prays in black kid cloves, but he shows the natural colour of his hands when preaching.

Hers was something the feeling which the private in the ranks has for the standard-bearer who carries the colours aloft, or the dashing officer who leads the charge.

How far, then, her own mind may have supplied the material from which the tissues were woven, or lent the colours with which the pictures were painted, or supplied the music to which the words were set, is what we must now try to determine.

Sliced onions, fried with butter and flour till they are browned, and then rubbed through a sieve, are excellent to heighten the colour and flavour of brown soups and sauces, and form the basis of many of the fine relishes furnished by the cook.

Mr. Todd did not occupy it very long; he struck his colours in about a year; and afterwards it was used by different Dissenting bodies, including some Scotch Baptists, on whose behalf the building was altered.

" "Since Powis has hoisted his national colours, I do not feel as free on such subjects as formerly," returned Sir George, smiling.

On the whole it seemed to the author that his book was flying false and undesirable colours, and since art lies outside the domesticities, he was hardly relieved when his wife told him that she thought the binding was very pretty.

If this sauce should not have retained a nice white colour, a little cream may be added.

"Is that" "Looks like you got some colours there.

" "Huh!" grunted the landlord of the emerald-painted hotel, which had received its colour in honour and subtle advertisement of the owner's nameGreen.

The silly fellow had heard, that the port authorities always hauled down their colours, when the entrance to the harbour was unsafe by reason of bad weather.

This old woman meant no more than some beautiful bright colour by the colour of silver, for though I knew an old manhe is dead nowwho thought she might know "the cure for all the evils in the world," that the Sidhe knew, she has seen too little gold to know its colour.

Amy silently withdrew from the room, not daring at present to broach the subject which was uppermost in her thoughts, and employed herself with her domestic duties till the time when she deemed he would require her assistance in mixing his colours, which was her usual task.

288 Verbs to Use for the Word  colours