100 Verbs to Use for the Word  commissioner

100 Verbs to Use for the Word commissioner

He was also appointed commissioner for executing the terms of any treaty that might be made; and his instructions contained two passages which bore eloquent witness to the universal confidence reposed in him.

He sent out everywhere his commissioners with orders to listen to complaints and redress grievances, and to mitigate his father's rule, which was rigorous in its application and yet insufficient to repress disturbance, notwithstanding its preventive purpose and its watchful supervision.

The governor of Massachusetts sought to dissuade the Nipmucks from espousing the cause of Philip; but they could not agree among themselves, and consented to meet the English commissioners at a place three miles from Brookfield on a specified day.

County administrator Cheri Coryea told commissioners that the state’s goal to relax social distancing measures for each county was to drop the percentage of positive cases below 13%.

French, Danish, and other vessels were visited by it within a few days; it is certain that if the French instead of the English mail packet had been carrying the commissioners and their papers, the former would have been boarded by Captain Wilkes.

allowing each township to elect three commissioners, whose duty it should be, to transact the public business pertaining to the township.

Mary, however, hearing that some letters were intended to be produced against her, directed her commissioners to require them for her inspection, and, in the mean time, to declare them false and feigned, forged and invented, observing, that there were many that could counterfeit her hand.

They would neither receive Caesar's commissioners, nor guarantee their safety, but referred the whole to Pompey.

Earlier, the head of the team, Mrs Bukola Jamgbadi, congratulated the commissioner on his well-deserved appointment.

Adetoro Adetunji asked the commissioner to release the photo of the infected Italian for people who have come in contact with him to present themselves for quarantine.

And having thus left our commissioners at Tours and put matters to rights, we went away well content; and we pray God that our labors and all that has been done may be useful for the people's welfare."

In the present dilemma, therefore, he recommended that the two Houses should direct letters-patent to be issued under the Great Seal, authorizing commissioners to open Parliament in the name of his Majesty.

The government is pushing to create a new commissioner for Defence and Veteran Suicide Prevention.

It also said that the board is paying a former commissioner an annual pension of $24,000 without the approval of Cabinet.

We find him twice, before the date of the engagement, requiring the commissioners to send powers to Montreuil to assure him of safety in person and conscience in their army (Clarendon Pap. ii.

Under their impulsion the sections of Paris chose commissioners who should take possession of the City Hall and eject the loyalist Council.

The people forced the tea commissioners to resign or send the tea ships back to England.

Some enterprising individuals, taking advantage of the armed escort accompanying the Carolina commissioners, brought out casks of liquors.

With this view they appointed a distant day for the consideration of the remonstrance, and instructed the commissioners at Newport to hasten the treaty to a speedy conclusion.

Indeed, Commodore Perry says, "I could only induce the commissioners to agree to this article, by endeavoring to convince them that it would save the Japanese Government much trouble if an American agent were to reside at one or both of the ports opened by the treaty, to whom complaints might be made of any malpractice of the United States citizens who might visit the Japanese dominions."

аWhile the infected employees include an assistant municipal commissioner, drivers and telephone operators, the worse affected are the healthcare personnel.

Johnson, in his Dictionary, defines EXCISE "a hateful tax, levied upon commodities, and adjudged not by the common judges of property, but by wretches hired by those to whom excise is paid;" and, in the Idler (No. 65) he calls a commissioner of excise "one of the lowest of all human beings."

I have sat in forums that brought together police commissioners, judges, and chief prosecutors from African countries to set the tone and advocate for victim support and a positive investigative environment.

The difference between the country as it actually exists and as represented on any maps prevented the commissioner from meeting this party.

Also a report from the Secretary of War, in compliance with the resolution of the House of the 15th instant, setting forth the reasons upon which it has not been deemed expedient to nominate commissioners to hold a treaty with the Choctaw Nation of Indians for the purchase of a certain tract of land, as authorized by the act of Congress of the 24th of May last.

Another was, that the people likewise should constitute two naval commissioners, for the equipping and refitting of the fleet.

Immediately on the signing and exchange of the copies of the treaty, the Commodore presented the first commissioner, Prince Hayashi, with an American flag, remarking that he considered it the highest expression of national courtesy and friendship he could offer.

Their army, like every impartial critic, found it in 'the Commissioners and the smallpox'with the commissioners easily first.

Duterte later repudiated this move and fired the commissioner.

In urging the commissioners to consider the scanner, Sheriff Steve Hiatt wrote a letter to the board.

The Commons instantly passed a vote to recall the[b] commissioners from Oxford; the Lords, though at first they dissented, were compelled to signify their concurrence; and an end was put to the treaty, and to[c] the hopes which it had inspired.

In making this last recommendation, it is difficult not to convict the American commissioners of something very like hypocrisy.

The Commodore had invited the four captains of the squadron, his interpreter, Mr. Williams, and his secretary, to join the commissioners at his table.

Mr Kershaw said one of his biggest achievements so far in the job was putting in a new "decentralised" operating model which sped up decision-making by moving assistant commissioners outside of Canberra.

With all due respect, Minister, that is exactly what you have done by changing the reporting structure, is muzzle the commissioner, because

There was a senator, Gnæus Domitius Corbulo, who had noticed that the roads during the reign of Tiberius were in bad condition and was always nagging the road commissioners about it and furthermore kept making a nuisance of himself before the senate regarding the matter.

While trying and executing Montrose for loyalty to the king, the Scots were themselves negotiating with Charles, commissioners having come over to Breda, where he was living, for the purpose.

We note the commissioner of privacy in the United Kingdom has just issued a report on this issue of identity theft and uses the word shocking at some of the revelations of the criminal activity going on in that country.

After the Spanish garrisons had evacuated the posts they occupied at the Natchez and Walnut Hills the commissioner of the United States commenced his observations to ascertain the point near the Mississippi which terminated the northernmost part of the thirty-first degree of north latitude.

In this case, the tax commissioner rejected Gregory's tax machinations; then the tax board of appeals overruled the commissioner.

We've asked other ordinary people to help us persuade Minnesota's public utilities commissioners to deny Xcel further access to this immoral trade with Manitoba Hydro.

Montgomery County planned to ask the state Supreme Court for an emergency order granting more time for ballots to arrive and be counted, a county commissioner, Ken Lawrence, said.

In today's big release Darbar, Rajinikanth plays Mumbai's police commissioner.

The Indian tribes within and bordering on the southern frontier, whom a cruel war on their part had compelled us to chastise into peace, have latterly shown a restlessness which has called for preparatory measures for repressing it, and for protecting the commissioners engaged in carrying the terms of the peace into execution.

Again, this will provide the commissioner with a means to look back on what the government says it has done, the commitments it has made, and to verify whether those things happened or did not.

After that tense back-and-forth between Monteagudo and the committee, the council moved on to questioning the FPC commissioners.

Their activities have rankled the Republican commissioners, most likely because absentee voting trended heavily Democratic and the commissioners viewed the activity as effectively, if not actually, partisan.

When they reached St Johns towards the end of April the commissioners sent on a courier to announce their arrival and prepare for their proper reception in Montreal.

Having adopted the measure of the late Conservative Government, we are proceeding to reappoint their own Commissioners; and, not content with that, we are furnishing them with instructions which place upon the Act the most restricted and loyalist construction of which the terms are susceptible.

tells me that yesterday, at dinner, the fact that Government had removed some commissioners who, not content with hanging all the rebels they could lay their hands on, had been insulting them by destroying their caste, telling them that after death they should be cast to the dogs, to be devoured, &c., was mentioned.