13 Verbs to Use for the Word commitments

He thought that no objection had been offered, of any force, to prevent the commitment of the memorial.

Let us argue on principles countenanced by reason and becoming humanity; the petitioners view the subject in a religious light, but I do not stand in need of religious motives to induce me to reprobate the traffic in human flesh; other considerations weigh with me to support the commitment of the memorial, and to support every constitutional measure likely to bring about its total abolition.

Unless he changed his sentiments, he would oppose the commitment.

I had never done any wrong that I knew ofbeyond occasionally delaying the commitment to heart of some improving sentence, that I might watch a wasp on the window pane, or a bird in the cherry tree; and I had never seen any grief.

Of course he destroyed the commitment immediately.

Though at the time I dreaded commitment, it was the best possible thing that could befall me.

Perhaps Mascarenhas would have thought differently had newspaper owners in Goa exhibited more commitment to professionalism.

The plea of private property, therefore, cannot, by any means, justify a private commitment of any person whatsoever to prison, because of the apparent danger and tendency of such innovation.

" I couldn't make out this new move, and puzzled over it, while Judge Wilson ordered my commitment.

He made a speech well suited to his position, and glossed off with some fine generalities, avoiding commitments on main points and making them on minor ones, concluding with a string of wampum.

So far as his acts or those of his agents have threatened our immediate commitment in the war, or flagrant insult to the authority of the laws, their effect has been counteracted by the ordinary cognizance of the laws and by an exertion of the powers confided to me.

Now if the District Attorney should be a little easyand I think that, considering your age, and my influence with him, he would bea new commitment might not issue perhaps before you could get out of reach of it.

Ireland has dominated the political scene at home, for it is impossible not to connect our new commitments across St. George's Channel with the introduction and passing of the new Military Service Bill establishing compulsion for all men, married or singlealways excepting Ireland.

13 Verbs to Use for the Word  commitments