50 Verbs to Use for the Word commonplace

Treadwell, gazing intensely into her eyes, exchanged a few commonplaces.

' They always suddenly talked commonplaces when they were first left alone.

And the vicar, though he did not give in to this, was overawed by the old lady, who knew everything that could be taught her, and to whom it seemed an impertinence to utter commonplaces about duty, or even to suggest subjects of thought.

Peacham, in his Compleat Gentleman (1622), repeats the usual commonplaces to the effect that poetry is a dulcet philosophy, for the most part lifted from Puttenham.

It was not that she sank that name beneath high-sounding titles; she only elevated the most commonplace of all titles till she monopolized it, and it monopolized her.

I shall not attempt more description, because all such descriptions sound commonplace, and the signorina was, even by the admission of her enemies, at least very far from commonplace.

In 1773 the Scotch Highlands were still a little known region, justifying a book descriptive of manners and customs, and touching upon antiquities now the commonplaces of innumerable guide books.

The shops are all open, the street venders are quietly tending their tables, people go about their ordinary affairs, and wear their commonplace, every-day look.

He may, perhaps, avoid the commonplace by so doing, but he will certainly transgress the rules of propriety.

At any rate, she was relieved when he did not remain beside her to emit polite commonplaces.

Evelyn could endure commonplace, but could not forgive a blemish.

I hoped to escape the commonplace by reaching some beatitude, but now I have found that nothing really is commonplace.

"You say something extraordinary," exclaimed the commonplace Spinrobin in his shrill voice.

From the broken walls and towers of the old Norman castle the views over the ravines on either handfor the castle stands on a lofty promontory in a sea of foliageare entrancing; and after seeing the astoundingly brilliant colours with which autumn paints these trees, there is a tendency to find the ordinary woodland commonplace.

And then followed kind womanly commonplaces, which Tom hurried over with fierce impatience.

" I was getting the commonplaces of trench life.

I wonder if, as he crushed that butterfly, he said to himselfin words that have grown commonplace since his timethe words of that strange emperor HadrianAnimula, vagula, blandula!

" There was more of it; a good bit more: but it was all guarded commonplace, opening no window in the heart of the man David Kent.

His method was obviously to work up to the psychological truth which he grasped directly and intuitively, regardless of the fact that few would notice or understand it, and without the smallest idea that some dull and shallow fellows in Germany would one day proclaim far and wide that he wrote his works to illustrate moral commonplaces.

He was almost angry because she was introducing a commonplace as to the world's condition into a particular argument as to their daughter's future life,which he felt to be unfair and illogical.

To invert a commonplace from Niobe, she never forgets herself to liquefaction.

Of course I know all the ordinary commonplaces of life as well as any one,that if you build a house with your hand or your money, and let it, the rent of it is your just due; and must be paid.

Once indeed my friend emitted a flash of scorn, which was when I mentioned the religious commonplace that the desire of men's hearts to be assured of the continuity of identity was a proof that such a craving must find its fulfilment.

" CHAPTER XXX UNDER NEW ORDERS Her eyes were an invitation, a plea, yet with the major at her side, his face full of wonderment, and Bell close behind us in the hall, I could only bow low over the white hands, and murmur some commonplace.

Discarding his gemmed chibouque and an old vellum reprint of Anacreon, Zaleski rose hastily and greeted me with warmth, muttering at the same time some commonplace about his 'pleasure' and the 'unexpectedness' of my visit.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  commonplace