493 Verbs to Use for the Word company

Pepper and I kept one another company in the studythat great, old room of mine, where I read and work.

Word was brought me that she had joined a mad company called the Sweet-Singers, that lay at the Cauldstaneslap.

Nay, I knew he would be civil, Madam, or I would have borne you Company; but neither my Mistress nor I, cou'd sleep one wink all Night, for fear of a Discovery in the Morning; and to save the poor Gentleman a tumbling Cast from the Window, my Mistress, just at day-break, feigned her self wondrous sick,I was called, desired to go to Signior Spadilio's the Apothecary's, at the next Door, for a Cordial; and so he slipt out;but

Here, on August 25, 1873, I found a charming company of flowers, not pinched, crouching dwarfs, scarce able to look up, but warm and juicy, standing erect in rich cheery color and bloom.

One evening when it was known that orders had come for the regiment to march, Jack, having formed the company for parade, received a paper from the captain's orderly to read.

In making my way from Yosemite to the glaciers at the heads of the Merced and Tuolumne rivers, I camped in a particularly wild and romantic portion of the Nevada cañon where in previous excursions I had never failed to enjoy the company of my favorites, who were attracted here, no doubt, by the safe nesting-places in the shelving rocks, and by the abundance of food and falling water.

Bill's conduct made me angry, and I told him that he must either stop shooting the "supers," or leave the company.

But it seemed that he did not want company, for he broke into a run.

At Fort Leavenworth I parted company with my companion, and reached home without any further adventure.

I was fearful of a discussion; but he sat down without making a reply, and immediately addressing the company, descanted on the various qualities of food, and their several adaptations to different ages, constitutions, and temperaments.

Who ever heard of a perfect lady with her hat over one eye?" "Well, if you don't like my company" Laura began good-naturedly, as she squinted at her distorted reflection in the little two-by-four mirror set in the tiny space of wall between the windows.

No man spoke a word, and when we met other companies the only greeting was by uplifted hands.

I saw a company of minstrels of the same class going through Brown Street, the other day, playing and singing, "In darkest shades, if Thou appear, My dawning is begun.

It was rarely that, especially on returning from absence, I had sought any other company than hers.

A man by the name of Chandler proposed that we organize an independent company for the purpose of invading Missouri and making war on its people on our own responsibility.

Lastly II that loved company and good cheer do find therein abomination these days, so do I creep, like moulting fowl, brother, to corners dark and dismal and there make much adoand such is love, O me!"

Should you bring down a target company instead of a ruffed grouse, so much the better.

" "That's a good idea," said Aunt Alice; "let Patty entertain her first company there, and then come back here for the reaction.

General Penrose, having feared that General Carr would not find him, had sent back a company of the Seventh Cavalry to Fort Lyon for supplies; but no word as yet had been heard from them.

In 1597 he accompanied Essex on the "Islands voyage," but, seeking more paying adventure, in the winter of 1598 he consented at Essex's suggestion to lead a little company of English adventurers to assist Cesare D'Este to regain his Duchy of Ferrara, then in the hands of the Pope.

"No, sir; but there are plenty of idle theatrical people in town, and I can raise a company in two hours," was his reply.

The only advantage is the facility for receiving company.

" To-day for an act of courage a man would be raised from the ranks, and, sword in hand, command his company; but woe to him if he failed in shouldering a musket or brandishing a bayonet at need.

And so they did not desire her company any more than she found satisfaction in theirs.

Perhaps, left alone, he would have died out there in the snow; now, having already leaned on her, having her company and the hope she held out, he began to look his old self.

493 Verbs to Use for the Word  company
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