27 Verbs to Use for the Word complement

Edward became king (attribute complement).

Even the alphabet, which in civilized countries has now existed for more than three thousand years, was perfected by degrees; for it has been clearly ascertained that the earliest known did not comprise more than one-half or, at most, two-thirds of the letters which eventually formed its complement.

Louis Bonaparte had asked whether all the batteries contained their full complements, as each battery should be composed of four pieces and two mortars.

The first of them he had met on the second day out from San Francisco, and every boat which sailed the Eastern seas appeared to carry its complement of self-appointed and all-knowing enemies of the whole missionary enterprise.

The uneven brim of her hat makes an effective complement to the angularity of her chin, which is further softened by the feathery ruff that encircles her throat.

It is a rapidly growing quarter, for new chals and new shops spring up every year and quickly find a full complement of tenants from among the lower classes of the population.

In this same year[10] 1497, on the 20th day of June, King Emanuel sent a squadron of three ships for India, commanded by one Vasques de Gama, having under his command his brother Paulus de Gama and Nicolas Coello, as captains of the other two ships, the whole having a complement of 120 men.

She took out the usual complement of steerage passengers.

The navicular bone is what we may term a complement of the os pedis.

A Matron dwells, who though she bears Our mortal complement of years, Lives in the light of youthful glee, 1827.]

I hoped to see one wrench off a leg to prove what I had been toldthat if one in its movement to the salt water through the tall grass beyond the sand, touched any filth, it clawed off the polluted leg, and that a crab had been seen thus to deprive itself of all its eight limbs, and after a bath to hobble back to its hole with the aid of its claws, to remain until it had grown a complement of supports.

But it was written to redress the balance against the fatally easy doctrines then in fashion; it was like the Portroyalist protest against the fashionable Jesuits; it was one-sided, and sometimes, in his earnestness, unguarded; and it wanted as yet the complement of encouragement, consolation, and tenderness which his future teaching was to supply so amply.

Ten additional men were entered on board, increasing our complement to 190 officers and men, of whom 36 were placed on board the schooner.

Sort all your Shepherds from the lazy clowns That feed their Heifers in the budded Brooms: Teach the young Maidens strictness, that the grooms May ever fear to tempt their blowing youth; Banish all complements, but single truth From every tongue, and every Shepherds heart, Let them still use perswading, but no Art: Thus holy Priest, I wish to thee and these, All the best goods and comforts that may please. Alex.

[The sea is rough to-day (attribute complement), He painted the boat green (objective complement)].

" Hootsey could not be sure if Nibbles was being a "smart alec" or was just paying him a complement.

The true woman in the case makes her entrée in this innocent style: "Mrs. Schroeter presents her complements to Mr. Haydn, and informs him that she is just returned to town, and will be very happy to see him whenever it is convenient to him to give her a lesson.

Finally, the exclusive Theism of Israel receives its complement in a purified Animism, and emerges as Christianity.

We believe that in church-naming, as in common life, "ALL is for the best," and we commend, rather than censure, the judgment which recognised the full complement of saints when All Saints' was consecrated.

Whether a frigate may be trusted to two-thirds only of her proper complement of men must depend on the nature of the service on which she is ordered; that may sometimes, for her safety as well as to insure her object, require her fullest complement.

The applicants had liberty to select their complement of fifty-eight acres out of any unappropriated land that suited them.

When I behold that beauties wonderment, And rare perfection of each goodly part, Of Natures skill the onely complement, I honor and admire the Makers art.

The silly countryman who, seeing an ape in a scarlet coat, blessed his young worship, and gave his landlord joy of the hopes of his house, did not slander his complement with worse application than he that names this shred an historian.

Mary, my sister, has worn me out with eight weeks' cold and toothache, her average complement in the winter, and it will not go away.

At the same time he displayed his full complement of teeth, and uttered a sound like distant thunder.

27 Verbs to Use for the Word  complement