207 Verbs to Use for the Word contempts

He nodded his head in a deprecating way and emitted a slight cough which was meant to express contempt.

She felt a bitter, amused contempt, but she felt it half-urgent not to do anything that would lead to a life of miserable bickering and mutual harm.

It may be easily discovered, from his Schoolmaster, that he felt his wants, though he might neglect to supply them; and we are left to suspect, that he showed his contempt of money only by losing at play.

This hobby would have excited the wondering contempt of Joe Leaver, whose frequent attendance at cinema theatres had led him to the conclusion that police detectiveswho, unlike his master, had to take the rough with the smoothspent their spare time practising revolver shooting, and throwing daggers at an ace of hearts on the wall.

The richer from interest, the poorer from bigotry, and the priesthood from instinct, poured contempt even on proselytes, whom they classified according to their supposed degrees of heterodoxy.

Long familiarity with the suggestions of evil had bred a contempt for the good!

For, "seeing," saith he, "an oath doth call God for witness, and proposeth Him for umpire and voucher of the things it saith; therefore to induce God so upon occasion of human affairs, or, which is all one, upon small and slight accounts, doth imply contempt of Him: wherefore we ought wholly to shun swearing, except upon occasions of highest necessity.

But the opportunities were so few, by which a merchant or ceorle could thus exalt himself above his rank, that the law could never overcome the reigning prejudices; the distinction between noble and base blood would still be indelible; and the well-born thanes would entertain the highest contempt for those legal and factitious ones.

These and other phenomena of life in our islands have aroused bitter contempt among Germans.

Then she threw contempt on his change of purpose, and accused him of fickleness and cowardice; and declared that she had given suck, and knew how tender it was to love the babe that milked her, but she would, while it was smiling in her face, have plucked it from her breast, and dashed its brains out, if she had so sworn to do it, as he had sworn to perform that murder.

You were very liberal on account of old acquaintance's sake, were you not? entertained the boy till his pocket was empty, didn't you?" and the lawyer cast a look of withering contempt on his visitor.

But perhaps a reason may be assigned, why the wits of France affected a contempt for Mr. Dryden, which is this.

No Radical member of Parliament will again, while any of us live, cast contempt on 'the carpet Captains of Mayfair'.

To yield to a slanderous reviler a serious reply, or to make a formal plea against his charge, doth seem to imply that we much consider or deeply resent it; whereas by pleasant reflection on it we signify the matter only deserves contempt, and that we take ourselves unconcerned therein.

He could hardly conceal his contempt for Leon, who, for his part, was not free from embarrassment.

Here, then, is a dilemma; if I say what I really feel about this work, after vainly endeavouring day after day to discover the transcendent merits discovered by thousands (or at least proclaimed by them), there is every likelihood of my incurring the contempt of connoisseurs, and of being reproached with want of taste in art.

For passionate emotions of all sorts, and for everything which bas been said or written in exaltation of them, he professed the greatest contempt.

When science, isolated and glorified, has produced a contempt, not only for vulgar errors, but for the truths which are incapable of scientific proof, then, as we see in the French Revolution, the wild beast in man breaks from its den, and chaos returns.

The most repulsive thing in the whole business is this hypocritical Pharisaism; it merits only contempt.

On that account, however, it would be a great mistake to despise the quality of the soldiers or to cherish contempt for them.

Wherein I pretend to give no rules, having neither any gift at it, nor authority to do it: but only shall make some conjectures at those useless and ridiculous things commonly uttered in pulpits, that are generally disgusted [disliked], and are very apt to bring contempt upon the preacher, and that religion which he professes.

It will draw on us the contempt of these barbarians.

Thus it was only in the presence of something extremely insulting that she again showed herself the last of the Vaugelades, and would all at once draw herself up and display haughty contempt and frigidity.

Whatever his intention may have been, his expedition was a failure, for Melissus, the son of Ithagenes, a man of culture, who was then in command of the Samian forces, conceiving a contempt for the small force of the Athenians and the want of experience of their leaders after Pericles' departure, persuaded his countrymen to attack them.

Its author was one who by his inconstancy had deservedly earned the contempt of every party,the earl of Holland.

207 Verbs to Use for the Word  contempts
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