140 Verbs to Use for the Word contests

Then the chief and his followers gave up the contest and retired, full of wonder and admiration at his dauntless determination.

Djaida entered the contest with him, and then both of them joining in combat tried, one after another, all the methods of attack and defence, until the shadows of night came on.

And then, when these leaders were removed, and all the Protestants in Paris were murdered, who would remain to continue the contest, and what Protestant prince could hope to mount the throne?

As was the case in the former game pitched by Mathewson in Boston, the verdict was general that perfect support would have won the contest for him, even though the score was but 2 to 1 in favor of Boston.

A Sprague can't be a private soldier!" she cried, seizing on this as the only tenable ground where she could begin the contest against the two children confederated against her.

One of the King's retinue insulted one of the Earl of Warwick's; their companions on both sides took part in the quarrel; a fierce combat ensued; the Earl apprehended his life to be aimed at; he fled to his government of Calais; and both parties, in every county of England, openly made preparations for deciding the contest by war and arms.

At first he showed something of his old military spirit, and the soldiers, who always loved his military frankness, warmed into enthusiasm; but his chief officers, won by Octavian or disgusted by the influence of Cleopatra, deserted him in such numbers that he knew not whom to trust, and gave up all thoughts of maintaining the contest with energy.

The near approach of the holidays was sufficient in itself to put every one in high spirits, while, in addition to this, the afternoon was to witness the chief cricket contest of the seasonthe annual match against Wraxby Grammar School.

Would it not then be cowardly to decline the contest with him?"

" The masked waterman crossed himself devoutly; and, relinquishing all further design to persuade the other to abandon the fruitless contest, he gave all his thoughts to his own interest in the coming struggle.

With a splendid one-handed catch Thurston had brought the well-fought contest to a close, and secured a victory for Ronleigh College.

Yet, although strongly reënforced on all sides, he still avoided a contest.

This battle, in which the flower of the Roman aristocracy succumbed to the conqueror of Gaul, with vastly inferior forces, did not end the desperate contest.

Besides the confusion and uncertainty which are inseparable from night engagements, the value of Alexander's victory would have been impaired if gained under circumstances which might supply the enemy with any excuse for his defeat, and encourage him to renew the contest.

Mugford, who, as we have already seen, was not blessed with the sharpest of wits, paused for a moment to watch the contest.

KAUFMAN, ZENN. How to run better sales contests.

we would have you know that after due inquiry of the virtuous and brave gentlemen who were present and saw the contests, and of the noble ladies here present ... we have found that although each one has very well and honestly done his duty, yet the common voice is that the lord of Bayard has done best in these two days; wherefore the lords and ladies leave to him the honour of giving the prizes where it seems good to him."

But as the attacks were made in the absence of the generals, there were no bounds to the carnage which ensued; and the nation of the Ausonians, when there was scarcely any clear proof of the charge of its having revolted, was utterly destroyed, as if it had supported a contest through a deadly war.

They breathed a fervent and heart-felt prayer for help from above, and then commenced the fearful contest.

For two hours the four ships lay within a cable's-length of each other, keeping up as animated a contest as circumstances would allow.

While you hold your costume contest, a Scarecrow gives you his blessing!

[Sidenote:26] [Nero was informed of the Vindex episode as he was in Naples viewing the gymnastic contest just after luncheon.

I always replied with spirit; but I found such contests as disagreeable to me as they were new.

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And I very well remember, my lords, that whenever they were joined by parties of our own nation, the inequality in the number of the officers produced contests and disputes.

140 Verbs to Use for the Word  contests