46 Verbs to Use for the Word convict

He was convinced there were others ought to be regulated in this particular, the importation of whom was of an evil tendency, he meant convicts particularly.

Could he pardon convicts at that time?

He always represented his convicts as dying Penitents, wherefore in No. 63 of the Tatler they had been called Paul Lorrains Saints.

He had seen convicts, after the guards had manhandled them, crippled in body for life, or left to maunder in mind to the end of their days.

Even the coat of arms on her landau was found by your Herald's College, in return for a part of the proceeds of that bill, which was drawn to pay for the food of the soldiers who drove the convicts, who produced the food.

He had shown, also, that the administration of justice was perverted, so as to become a fertile source of supply to this inhuman traffic; that every crime was punished by slavery; that false accusations were made to procure convicts; and that even the judges had a profit on the convictions.

The Legislatures of Maryland, Virginia and Georgia, have passed laws providing that convicts in their state prisons and penitentiaries, "shall be employed in work each day in the year except Sundays, not exceeding eight hours, in the months of November, December, and January; nine hours, in the months of February and October, and ten hours in the rest of the year."

It seems that the sergeant of the guard has a right to shoot a military convict if there be no other possible means of preventing his escape.

" "Do you know what the penalties are for helping an escaped convict?"

What a reproach it was to lend ourselves to this superstition!Yes: we stood by; we heard the trial; we knew the crime to be impossible; and that the accused must be innocent: but we waited in patient silence for his condemnation; and then we lent our friendly aid to the police of the country, by buying the wretched convict, with all his family; whom, for the benefit of Africa, we carried away also into perpetual slavery.

It was a clumsy device to gain time, for now that the full consciousness of my surroundings had returned to me, I was beginning to think that Dr. McMurtrie's methods of receiving an escaped convict were, to say the least, a trifle unusual.

I asked a convict at Jeffersonville, who was caring for the flowers in front of the walls.

I have heard Friend Hopper say that while he was inspector he aided and encouraged about fifty young convicts, as nearly as he could recollect; and all, except two, conducted in such a manner as to satisfy the respectable citizens whom he had induced to employ them.

I cannot say that their appearance made me envy the convicts much, although some of them were perhaps better-looking than the women one meets out of the prison.

Even such unusual people as Dr. McMurtrie and his friends do not as a rule take in and shelter escaped convicts purely out of kindness of heart.

The fine could escape part of its liability by arresting and giving up the convict, or by expelling him and giving substantial security against his future misdeeds.

You would be sent back to Siberia, and I should probably follow you for harboring an escaped convict.

Only chewing tobacco, because you can smell smoke a long way when you are hunting escaped convicts.

Probably restrained by the fact that, there being no officers of criminal law, they had to inflict punishment themselves, they sometimes imprisoned a convict in a small island, or sent him adrift on the sea in a currach or boat of hide.

I knew one, a very worthy and amiable man, who, having to sentence a prisoner to death, was so overcome by the terrible nature of the crime that he informed the unhappy convict that he could expect no mercy either in this world or the next!

I knew my convict, in spite of the intervening years, as distinctly as I knew him in the churchyard when we first stood face to face.

Among others, they liberated the convicts, Puerto Princesa being at the time a penal colony, and the latter, together with some of the soldiers, started up the east coast of the island, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

This morning the Governor took me on foot to the convict establishment, at which some 2,500 murderers, &c., from India are confined, and some fifty women, who are generally, after about two years of penal servitude, let out on condition that they consent to marry convicts.

The returns for the past year show that the prison gates have been visited 235 times, for the purpose of meeting the convicts on their release.

" "Just what do you mean by that, sir?" questioned the convict.

46 Verbs to Use for the Word  convict