14 Verbs to Use for the Word cop

" "You alle same tell cop?" grinned Chow, green hatred showing through his skin.

"Andrew" "You can explain all that to the judge," retorted the cop.

The shaft revolves continuously, but has, at the same time, a to and fro motion in the direction of its axis, so as to cause the thread to move forward constantly and form a cop.

This cape is a high hil, long and square, and on the East corner it hath a high cop, that appeareth vnto those at the sea, like a white cloud, for toward the sea it is white, and it lieth into the sea Southwest.

"What does it say?" asked her husband hurriedly as the butler led the cop to it.

There are different types of machines used for cop winding, but in every case the yarn is wound upon a bare spindle, and the yarn guide has a rapid traverse in order to obtain the well-known cross-wind so necessary for making a stable cop.

Quit yer kickin'!" ordered the cop, twisting Tony's thin arm until he writhed.

During the operation of weaving, the shuttle, in which is placed a cop of weft, similar to that on the cop winding machine in Fig. 25, and with the end of the weft threaded through the eye of the shuttle, is driven alternately from side to side of the cloth through the opening or "shed" formed by two layers of the warp.

Dewhurst & Sons, of Skipton, and Clark & Co., of Paisley, have produced ready wound "cops" or bobbins of thread for placing direct into shuttles.

" "Aw, you!" roared the enraged cop, and hastened to interview Mr. Asche.

"Camelyer aunt!" sneered the cop.

"But you said that that was the feller!" argued the cop, who had gone to urge Froelich to assume the onus of the charge.

The great majority of manufacturers, however, use cops for the loom shuttles.

"Well, I'd ought to, seem' as I've lived next door to the engine yards all my life, and spent my time dodgin' the cop on watch there, when I was tryin' to steal rides on freight-cars and such.

14 Verbs to Use for the Word  cop