57 Verbs to Use for the Word coughing

He gave a nervous little cough, and advancing towards the head-master's table, laid thereon the cipher note, at the same time remarking, "If you please, sir, we know who screwed up littlehem!

I have sometimes heard her moving about at nightI have often heard her cough, and I have often heard her sigh.

I wish I were as fortunate;" and the gay young gentleman heaved an artful sigh and coughed the cough that always brought such pity to the girl's soft eyes.

Pa and the managers held a consultation, and couldn't find that we advertised anything that we didn't have, except the ourang outang that we took on at New York, which eats and dresses like a man, 'cause that animal got whooping cough in Delaware and had to be sent to a hospital, but we heard he was well again and would join the show in a week.

That children who are ill, having hooping-cough, ringworm, or other contagious disease, be refused admission until perfectly restored.

All at once a brighter light illumined the fair lady's face, and she addressed herself to speak, first uttering a modest cough "Suppose I suggest a plan of finding out, sir," she said; "we might find easily.

Oh no, she did not mind staying in bed to-morrow to please Avery, and she was sure she would like Avery's doctor though she didn't expect he would manage to stop the cough.

THIS is purely a spasmodic disease, and is only infectious through the faculty of imitation, a habit that all children are remarkably apt to fall into; and even where adults have contracted hooping-cough, it has been from the same cause, and is as readily accounted for, on the principle of imitation, as that the gaping of one person will excite or predispose a whole party to follow the same spasmodic example.

His satisfaction was so marked that it brought on her cough again.

He began with complaints of his ill health and spirits, his hectic cough, and his increased malady of spitting blood; and then led to his story.

They warm the chest, and thereby loosen and soothe a cough.

He nodded his head in a deprecating way and emitted a slight cough which was meant to express contempt.

He jocularly remarked, 'the steward always comes to demand something from them; and so they fall a coughing.

The woman expelled a hacking cough.

He stopped, and forced a cough; but there was no sign.

"But don't forget that he foretold my cough last winter.

It gasped out a cough a couple of times and turned over in a dying fashion for a few revolutions and then stopped dead.

What makeshift shelter harbored that cough, those dirty, skeleton hands, those awful eyes which had outlived endurance and come to know peace before death....

"Anne, I hate that cough of yours.

And now, here in the vicinity, Ailsa's delicate nostrils shrank from the stench arising from the "Four Camps"; and she saw the emaciated forms lining the hillside, and she heard the horrible and continuous coughing.

For Tommy had inherited his mother's cough; he had known it every winter, but he remembered it as if for the first time now.

But though Mr. Wedgwood lets off this coughing, hawking, spitting, and otherwise unpleasant old patriarch Rac so easily in the case of the foundling Crag, he has by no means done with him.

Before the soldiers had finished their examination in this room, the confinement and anxiety increased Lord Pitsligo's asthma so much, and his breathing became so loud, that it cost Miss Gordon, lying in bed, much and violent coughing, which she counterfeited, in order to prevent the high breathings behind the wainscot from being heard.

I do not like Miss L.'s hacking cough, and she says she does not believe Miss W. will live through the winter.

Even as one distillation, not yet grown to custom, makes a cough; but continual and inveterate causeth a consumption of the lungs;" so do these our melancholy provocations: and according as the humour itself is intended, or remitted in men, as their temperature of body, or rational soul is better able to make resistance; so are they more or less affected.

57 Verbs to Use for the Word  coughing
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