105 Verbs to Use for the Word counters

Oaks was for the moment completely nonplussed, and Thurston seized the opportunity of making a counter-attack.

A scrambling climb brought the Kensingtons to the top of the hill, and, after a weird fight of an hour and a half in such blackness of night that it was hard to distinguish between friend and foe, they captured it and beat off several persistent counter-attacks.

Those operating in the foothills on our right had to fight all the way, and they were often called upon to resist counter-attacks by strong rearguards issuing from the hills to threaten the flank and so delay the advance in order to permit the Turks to carry off some of their material.

" "I wonder you don't drop down dead," ses the barmaid, lifting up 'is glass to wipe down the counter.

These sudden changes, sometimes destructive, and sometimes providential as acts of mercy, always bring strong counter-currents of air in their train.

To the south of the capital, King Ferdinand's troops delivered a powerful counter-attack on December 2 that forced the Teutons back from the Argesu line and reclaimed two villages.

It would also be held up by those who wished to produce a counter-revolution, (and the ignorant and prejudiced might believe it,) that the Assembly had made a great sacrifice to England by thus giving her an opportunity of enlarging her trade.

She concluded he must have taken a counter-poison, and she was not slow in guessing its source.

A sacrificial sale that day had cleared the counters.

Ray Willets finished straightening her counter.

Henry immediately dealt his counter-blow.

That the shoeing, in removing the counter-pressure of the frog with the ground, is at the same time tending to bring about contraction of the lower portions of the wall at the heels and quarters.

He immediately withdrew, issued a counter-statement, and the following day left Paris for Rome more on account of his indignation at the course taken by the President than because of the threat which he had made.

If the answer contains a counter-claim, the plaintiff is entitled to a further pleading called the Reply.

I prepare to apply a counter-irritant: he sees it with the corner of his eye, and both ears turn back like a tuning-fork.

Besides, there was only one of them at a time, and they didn't trouble common people much, but in this enlightened nineteenth century I have seen a poor, miserable, six foot dry-goods clerk turned out of a retail store by a strapping little female, who couldn't jump a counter worth shucks.

"Leave 'er alone, d'ye 'ear?" yelled Mr. Silk, thumping the counter with his small fist.

The Germans effected a successful counter-attack on November 6, recapturing some of the ground won by the Allies, with 400 prisoners, 300 of them French.

It is in talk alone that the friends can measure strength, and enjoy that amicable counter-assertion of personality which is the gauge of relations and the sport of life.

As she tucked the letter in her pocket, Mr. Gunning approached the counter.

Don't one of you dare to leave your counters!" "Do you expect us to stay here and burn up?" cried a woman's voice.

Number 89 was about to reply when Miss Fairbanks, the buyer, passed the counter.

Very often his aunt had stopped to exchange ideas with the old stallkeeper, while he examined the counter which was spread with a napkin, the carafe of liquorice-water that stood on it, and the lemon that served as stopper.

Thaddeus, the thin-faced, pale, stoop-shouldered, indolent, cigarette-smoking nephew, though often treated with slight courtesy, continually pushed himself to the front, compelling consideration apparently for the sole purpose of exerting a counter-influence upon the popularity of Bill and Gus, especially the latter.

Ninepins or skittles is a number game, and one can score by using number groups, or by fetching counters, shells, beads, etc., as reminders.

105 Verbs to Use for the Word  counters
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