141 Verbs to Use for the Word counting

Wrestling with the Lord on behalf of the heathen, he lost count of time.

Can a people of forty million inhabitants, who are not increasing, who already find difficulties in dominating and controlling their immense colonies, aspire to hegemonic action, even taking count of their great political prestige?

At every step one meets a count!

She had kept count of the days from the day that Molly had made her that vehement promise.

"Hang it all, Pen, don't interrupt the count," snorted Bazelhurst, for want of something better to say and perhaps hoping that Deveaux might say in French what could not be uttered in English.

" "Confound it, you forget the time" "Mon Dieu, are we to compare ze Hindoo harem wiz ze American feest slugger?" cried the count, with a wry face.

"What did you do that for?" asked the count, laughing heartily, "are you crazy?"

"Heigh-ho!" exclaimed the count, in blank amazement.

The thought that prompted the sender was friendly, but the momentary effect was to arouse wild longings for the sea, and to add one more count to the indictment of the Kaiser, who had sent us for the holidays into the country, where we could obey the duty to economise, rather than to the seaside, where the temptations to extravagance could not be dodged.

GRAY, CURTIS R. The teaching and preaching that counts.

Llewellyn, McHenry, David, and I accompanied the count to his residence on the outskirts of Papeete to taste a vintage of Burgundy he had sent him from Beaune.

In proportion as the years both lessen and shorten, I set more count upon their periods, and would fain lay my ineffectual finger upon the spoke of the great wheel.

" "What poor jest is that?" replied the count.

No, answered the count, if she hears my voice she may, perhaps, be frighted enough to commit some desperate action:you shall therefore speak to her, and make some pretence for obliging her to rise.

But while these accidents happened at Padua, Melanthe was not without her share of inquietudes at Venice: she had not seen her beloved count in two whole days, and, tho' she sent several times to his lodgings, could hear nothing but that he was not yet come home.

"Hereupon he left the count, who consulted his confidants as to what he was to do in this business, and they counselled him to let them go and assemble their people, saying that they would kill Van Artevelde secretly or otherwise.

"Tell her the count," said the Lady Beata, with an imperious touch on his wrist; "it is killing her.

Without hoping that anything would result from the manoeuvre, I followed the count one night, in the company of my friend, Professor Pesca, to the theatre.

" Having parted from Heartfree, Wild sought out the count, who, in order to procure credit from tradesmen, had taken a handsome house, ready-furnished, in one of the new streets.

The king of Spain (such are the strange fluctuations of political friendship and enmity) sent the count of Monterey, governor of the Belgian provinces, with ten thousand men to support the Dutch army.

They tole him he owed all his money, and when he said they'd made mistake, and showed 'em Metalka's 'counts, they laughed at him, and showed him big book of their 'counts, and tole him Metalka didn't know 'bout prices o' things.

Mon Dieu!" groaned the count.

He held up one hand and with the other began to check off the counts upon his fingers.

"It is evident to me that you do not know the count.

How little, after all, learning counts in this world either in books or in men.

141 Verbs to Use for the Word  counting