58 Verbs to Use for the Word couplets

'If (said he) I had written with hostility of Warburton in my Shakspeare, I should have quoted this couplet: "Here Learning, blinded first and then beguil'd, Looks dark as Ignorance, as Fancy wild.

The new party is composed of Bombay Musulman youths, the tallest of whom carries an umbrella made out of pink, green and white paper, under which the rest crowd and sing the following couplet relating to the wife and daughter of Husein: "Bano ne Sakinah se kaha.

These are in the spirit of the formal classical poets, and contain sententious couplets such as "An idler is a watch that wants both hands, As useless if it goes as when it stands.

Over his tomb Lorenzo de' Medici caused a monument to be erected, and Poliziano wrote Latin couplets to commemorate the fame of a painter highly prized by his patrons.

From the references in verses 1 and 3 we infer that this singer held in his hand the painted book from which he recited the couplets.

He had no sooner done this than he raised himself from his bed, took his lute, and accompanied it with his voice in an air so tender and affecting that he expired in singing the second couplet.

Another friend of Vincent Novello's uses the same couplet (from Watt's Divine Songs for Children, Song XXVIII., "For the Lord's Day, Evening") in the description of glees by the old cricketers at the Bat and Ball on Broad Halfpenny Down, near HambledonI refer to John Nyren, author of The Young Cricketer's Tutor, 1833.

Now and then they contain a bit of excellent lyric poetry, and in All for Love, another version of Antony and Cleopatra, where he leaves his cherished heroic couplet for the blank verse of Marlowe and Shakespeare, he shows what he might have done had he not sold his talents to a depraved audience.

In the same category one may find the songs which are peculiar to the women, "couplets with which they accompany themselves in their dances; the songs, the complaints which one hears them repeat during whole hours in a rather slow and monotonous rhythm while they are at their household labors, turning the hand-mill, spinning and weaving cloths, and composed by the women, both words and music.

If it was Hugo who invented French rhyme it was Banville who broke up the couplet.

To his case the parodist of the period, in a moment of inspiration, adapted Burgon's beautiful couplet, saying or singing: "Match me such marvel, save in college port, That rose-red liquor, half as old as Short.

I am not going to repeat that couplet here, for after nearly half a century the Duke of Rutland has a right to be forgiven that extraordinary indiscretion.

Both these tendencies were continued in the Augustan Age, and are seen clearly in the poetry of Pope, who brought the couplet to perfection, and in the prose of Addison.

Below the prologue the writer has added the couplet: Th' old wits are gone: looke for noe new thing by us, For

Hence the single pearls or couplets may often be arranged in various orders without injury to the general effect; and it would probably be impossible to find two manuscripts either containing the same number of Odes, or having the same couplets following each other in the same order.

Her mother helped her with the alphabetical rhymes, each a couplet of sentimental history, as, for example: "A is for Alson, a jolly young man, He'll marry Miss Betsey, they say, if he can.

You must not!" He laughed again, but with a note of tenderness in his voice, and took her hand to lead her away, humming in an undertone the last couplet of his song: "Non, ce n'est qu'une etoile, Qu'eclaire nos amours!" Chapter Eight Virginia went with this man passivelyto an appointment which, but an hour ago, she had promised herself she would not keep.

Those who, in elementary treatises, have meddled much with philological controversy, have well illustrated the couplet of Denham: "The tree of knowledge, blasted by disputes, Produces sapless leaves in stead of fruits.

Pope translated the entire Iliad and half of the Odyssey; and the latter work was finished by two Cambridge scholars, Elijah Fenton and William Broome, who imitated the mechanical couplets so perfectly that it is difficult to distinguish their work from that of the greatest poet of the age.

As soon as Winter was published, Mr. Thomson sent a copy of it as a present to Mr. Joseph Mitchell, his countryman, and brother poet, who, not liking many parts of it, inclosed to him the following couplet; Beauties and faults so thick lye scattered here, Those I could read, if these were not so near.

" [Lacuna] was written by Lucius Commodus Hercules, and upon it was inscribed the well known couplet, viz.:

Just after the Restoration, there was an attempt to introduce the rhymed couplet as the medium for heroic plays; but that, on the other hand, was too difficult to establish itself in general use.

If possible, invent the couplets for yourself; you will remember them better than any others.

" In her "Consecration Hymn" occurs the couplet "Take my voice and let me sing Always only for my King.

The edition of 1815 omitted this couplet.

58 Verbs to Use for the Word  couplets