362 Verbs to Use for the Word courage

I had now taken courage enough to reject him uncompromisingly; I forbade him ever to speak to me again, and, as after that he disappeared from the village, began to flatter myself that I had got rid of him.

It gave her more courage; she wanted to be absolutely calm, and looking her very best, for Bruce's entrance.

I felt more myself next morning; but even then, I could not summon up sufficient courage to explore the place.

He had not any strength for anger now, and hardly for grief, Agatha had been his charge; and the fact that he had never plucked up courage to allude to her practises was now an enormity in which he could not quite believe.

Did you sleep well?" Never afterwards did she know how she found courage to answer him as she did, quietly and firmly: "Yes, very well, thank you.

Mary did not lose courage by the long hours in the factory.

He seemed to lack the courage to be the one to extinguish hope by the mere drawing of a curtain from a snow-drift's face.

But Miss Seymour had not forgotten; and one day she mustered up courage to tell Carleton the story of 'the more fool you!'

Such a proceeding requires a certain courage, but a higher form of intrepidity is required to face the lion standing before the exit.

the man cried, with a sneer, and my anger was too great to permit of my making reply; but Sergeant Corney, who had heard the insulting words, said, sharply: "You may talk to that lad about bein' weak-kneed after you have shown the courage he has within the past four an' twenty hours.

Thrackles and Perdosa hung back murmuring, but at a sharp word from me gathered their courage in their two hands and proceeded.

After a time the landlord of the cottage screwed up his courage to resume possession; the Captain had only a lease of it, though he built the Tower at his own charges, and, I believe, without any permission, the landlord being much too frightened to interfere with him.

Besides, there is nobody like timid persons for displaying courage under certain circumstances.

I had gained courage from the two attempts; it grew rapidly; and soon, out into the people's homes, the sounding strokes were ringing, clear, sonorous, and true.

They, in spite of their defeat, still possessed courage enough to sally out and fight a battle under the walls; but soon a larger force arrived from Athens, and the Samians were completely blockaded.

I do believe Philander wants no courage; But what he did was to preserve his own.

She admired his courage in this , perceived his in the crime, and deplored his participation in the .

always in vain. Faint and hungry, yet we still kept courage.

But I had got new courage from my travels, so I put on my best suit of murrey-coloured cloth, my stockings of cherry silk, the gold buckles which had been my father's, my silk-embroidered waistcoat, freshly-ironed ruffles, and a new hat which had cost forty shillings in London town.

Dalton had recovered his courage and natural haughtiness.

I have therefore proved the courage of the Venetian youth in the manner thou knowest, and thou alone hast sustained the ordeal.

However, the morning sunlight restored my courage, and I once more wandered among the trees, but always with some anxiety as to what I might see next.

The walk began to revive Kate's courage as well as her faculties.

Finally, there is one very generous tribute that our army would pay to the Germans in the field, and that is to the excellence of the leadership of Lettow, and the devotion with which he has by threats and cajolings sustained the failing courage of his men.

I had some trouble with the men, but nothing serious, as Watkins and Harwood held as I did, and the pledge of Dorothy's influence brought courage.

362 Verbs to Use for the Word  courage