659 Verbs to Use for the Word courses

I found she was coming down backwards, which I took to be a mere girlish freak, or perhaps a piece of coquetry, practised on myself: but I afterwards found, that about the time the earth is at the full, the whole family pursued the same course, and were very scrupulous in making their steps in this awkward and inconvenient way, because it was one of the prescribed forms of their church.

He took up a bookof course one of her books, something she had lent him.

I know several mammas who followed all the course of their sons' studies when they were preparing their baccalaureat, even to writing the compositions.

At once changing my course to the direct route, I pushed rapidly on through the darkness towards Smoky Hill River.

As these two giants gird themselves for World-dominion, who but God shall gird the armor on, direct the onward course of change?

How do they, age after age, run a predestined course?

Determined to execute this resolution on the instant, Carl hastily collected such parts of his slender property as were portable; and having completed his arrangements, prepared to cross the Brocken, and shaped his course towards the Rammelsburg.

heat of coldnorth of south?" "Gentlemen," then said Shakrack, who had been walking to and fro, during the preceding controversy, "as you seem to agree so ill with each other, I trust you will unite in adopting my course.

The unevenness of the ground made it almost impossible to steer a straight course.

Now they saw the not very distant battleships alter their courses and steam slowly away.

The course was sharply altered toward a definite and known point, but, if he did not see Cape Race, not knowing what was before him, Cabot would have had no object in abruptly altering his course, but, continuing his westerly course, would strike the east point of Cape Breton.

Soon the whole was nearly gone, and the merchants took counsel and said, "At the ordinary rate of sailing we ought to have reached Kwang-chow, and now the time is passed by many days;must we not have held a wrong course?"

It resumed its course in the direction of our voyage.

A dense white steam marked its course.

he chose the course best fitted to command public attention, as the result proved.

He began a course of Sunday evening lectures, to which the people flocked in crowds; but the churchwardens locked the church doors and carried off the keys.

Doctor believes it, and makes me lay my course for those bearings.

It keeps on Its fatal course.

What passed between them the young man did not choose to relate, but he showed his Uncle Hardwick the Squire's check for two hundred and fifty dollars, and told him he should receive a similar sum each year until he finished his collegiate course.

At the time of this interesting discovery I was exploring the névé amphitheaters of the group, and tracing the courses of the ancient glaciers that once poured from its ample fountains through the Illilouette Basin and the Yosemite Valley, not expecting to find any active glaciers so far south in the land of sunshine.

He ran all morning, but as the day advanced his sordid ambition broadened and he turned his course into a wider and still wider circle.

A wondrous attractive meal even in so far as judged by our simple lights, but with its garnishments a positive feast, for withal the table was strewn with dishes of burnt almonds, crystallised fruits, chocolates and such toothsome kickshaws, whilst the unstinted supply of champagne which accompanied the courses was succeeded by a noble array of liqueur bottles from which choice could be made in the drinking of toasts.

The advice was very generally followed, but as Paris refused, a group of women, backed by the Ministry, founded a school in which were given courses of instruction in the usual business subjects, and lectures on finance, commercial law and international trade.

He first urged me to postpone my wishes, till I had completed my college course, and had by travelling seen something of the world.

It enabled me to watch the course of events more safely, less exposed to the danger of recognition.

659 Verbs to Use for the Word  courses