68 Verbs to Use for the Word cowards

The more feeling a man has, the more keenly he feels pain of body, or pain of mind, such as shame, loneliness, the dislike, ridicule, and contempt of his fellow men; in a word, the more of a man he is, and the less of a mere brute, the more chance there is of his brute courage breaking down, just when he wants it most to keep him up, by leaving him to play the coward and come to shame.

But then I said to myself: "John Ridd, the place is making a coward of thee.

We all have better memories for our brave moments than for the fear which threatened for a time to prove us cowards.

"God hates a coward" is a tenet of Terry's creed.

And had he not seen other brave men become trembling cowards unable to face the light, and all because of that terrible power which lies in the eye of some?

Some of our people, upon whom the fever of battle had fastened more firmly, would have pursued the cowards, even though it might have been to come directly upon the main army, who were then, doubtless, engaged in checking the sortie from the fort; but General Herkimer sent a squad of the cooler soldiers after them, with the result that the valiant Johnson Greens were allowed to continue their retreat unmolested.

"Music like that would turn cowards into heroes and heroes into demi-gods; would inspire a wooden dummy to fight to the last ditch for freedom and native land.

"I think you are cowards; I want no cowards with me."

Bedevere considered within himself that it were better for a knight to die, rather than know himself a coward.

He felt a coward to his fingertips...

"I was just trying to save my dress and lace sacque from their boots and claws, when a reverend gentleman appeared at the door, and the bad boys became sneaking cowards at sight of him.

No womanat least no woman like Willifred Hardyever loved a coward, or a quitter, and I was determined she should not catalogue me in either class.

He had scolded a coward with hasty words, and been forced to follow where they led.

It would be quite as easy to defend the coward as a kind of poet and mystic as it has been, in many recent books, to defend the emotionalist as a kind of poet and mystic, or the tyrant as a kind of poet and mystic.

The "best people" had received him cordially, though his father had not been of their caste; but Ellis hated a hypocrite, and despised a coward, and he felt sure that Delamere was both.

Are you all cowards here?" He said: "I detect only one coward in the affair.

I am eager to get away, Miss Billie, to protect the lives of my men, but I could not leave with you feeling as you didbelieving me a coward, a murderer.

The soldier makes a lunge with his sword at the player, who succeeds in disarming the coward, and there the matter apparently stops.

"These gentlemen are not fools, and only a fool could dream an Ormond coward.

An't come to that once, The Devil pick his bones, that dyes a coward, I'le jog along with you, here comes the Stallion, How smug he looks upon the imagination Of what he hopes to act!

"A lucky adventurer with a pretty talent for fighting British cowards, a beggar who has not been turned away empty from our doors.

What a coward I am to have fled into the wilderness like a murderer!

Strength seemed to have flooded the coward.

I fully intended to, but found myself too great a coward.

And the point she most eulogised in you is that which I have heard many a servile coward who could never go and do likewise"

68 Verbs to Use for the Word  cowards