57 Verbs to Use for the Word crags

We climbed a granite crag draped with moss long as the beard of a Druid,a crag on the south side of Ambajeejus or Umdo.

Softly they slide, swift and yet motionless, as if by some inner will, which needs no force of limbs; gliding gently round the crags, diving gently off into the abyss, their long white robes trailing about their feet in upward-floating folds.

No wonder, then, that a high-spirited and active-minded youth of Henrich's age, should often forget that his wanderings were compulsory; and should feel cheerful, and even exhilarated, as he roamed through the boundless primeval forests, or crossed the summits of the ranges of lofty hills that occasionally lifted their barren crags above the otherwise unbroken sea of foliage.

It is a maze of yawning chasms and gullies, in the angles of which rise beetling crags and piles of detached boulders that seem to have been gotten ready to be launched below.

Saving at the entrance the vale was walled round by steep cliffs, for the most part waving with trees, but here and there revealing the naked crag.

I looked around, I thought I saw A jutting crag,and off I ran, Head-foremost, through the driving rain, The shelter of the crag to gain; 185

"Thou shouldst have sought thine impregnable crag, my son," said the Senator sadly.

Oh, when I have hung Above the raven's nest, by knots of grass And half-inch fissures in the slippery rock But ill-sustained, and almost (so it seemed) Suspended by the blast that blew amain, Shouldering the naked crag,oh, at that time, While on the perilous ridge I hung alone, With what strange utterance did the loud dry wind Blow through my ear!

I shall never forget the enthusiasm with which I saw this scene in the bright, warm sunlight, the rough crags softened in the haze which filled the atmosphere, and the wild mountains springing up in the midst of vineyards, and crowned with crumbling towers, filled with the memories of a thousand years.

If' An idea came swiftly, and I turned, and glanced rapidly upward, searching the gloomy crags, away to my left.

He must trust the sheep, and, huddling close together, they refused to leave the crag.

It did not tend toward peace of mind to know that any instant they might encounter a submerged crag that would rip their craft in twain.

After the long, hard rides and the barren camp-sites what delight to awaken in this beautiful valley with the morning cool and breezy and bright, with smell of new-mown hay from the green and purple alfalfa fields, and the sunlight gilding the jagged crags above!

Making haste up the crags by a short cut, I joined him on the verge of the promontory pretty well heated and out of breath.

We followed the narrow strip of beach, having the bare crags on one side and a line of foaming breakers on the other.

Once when the sled hit a crag, in spite of every effort to steer clear of it, "Scotty" heard an ominous crack.

Sometimes a little corner shines As over rainy mist inclines A gleaming crag with belts of pines.

Just under the golden flood of light that streamed through the morning clouds, lay afar-off and indistinct the crags of an island, with the top of a light-house visible at one extremity.

And, as I am a man, Instead of jutting crag, I found A Woman seated on the ground.

A singing roar, like a metal bellow, sprang into the clear, unresisting air, leaped and echoed, kissed the crags of the Bijou and recoiled again, sending a shiver of sound and vibration through snow-laden trees, on, till the echoes sighed into silence.

Austere, he crowns the swaying perch, Flapped by the angry flag; The hurricane from the battery sings, But his claw has known the crag.

I crawled under gnarled cedars, over jumbles of rock, around leaning crags, until I got out to a point where I had such command of slopes and capes, where the scene was so grand that I was both thrilled and awed.

The sunshine falls on patches of gleaming snow and trailing mist, and lights up the grey crags which start out like mushrooms on the barren slopes.

The pilgrims looked about them, and observed close at hand a crag of a rock, in the shade of which some spirits were standing, as men stand idly at noon.

We passed a large crag where myriads of starlings had built their nests, and every starling had a grasshopper in his mouth.

57 Verbs to Use for the Word  crags
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