189 Verbs to Use for the Word creation

And, thanks to such principles, a poor and persecuted slave was able to raise his voice in sincere and eloquent thanksgiving to that God to whom he owed his "creation, preservation, and all the blessings of this life.

Lepailleur regarded the creation of Chantebled as a personal insult, for he had not forgotten his jeers and challenges with respect to those moorlands, from which, in his opinion, one would never reap anything but stones.

In doing so he has given us a new creation in Ailie Noble.

From this it produces cosmic creation as the expression of itself as functioning in Space and Time.

A dead hero serves creation better than a live coward.

To Goethe, Wordsworth or Browning there was a gain by enlargement of intellectual materials, but these were suffused in true poetic fire, and came forth a new creation.

This court has already justified its creation and existence by the settlement of contentions which in other days led to disastrous wars, and even in this enlightened age might have precipitated serious ruptures.

So Rome gradually possessed the best pictures of the world, without stimulating the art or making new creations; it could appreciate genius, but creative genius expired with Grecian liberties and glories.

It is an interesting thought, that will occur to a contemplative mind, that the world contained, from the time when it was a nebulous mass, all the materials of the future individuals of the animate and inanimate creation,that the elaborate creatures of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, as well as every mineral, were floating in amorphous masses through space.

Science demonstrates that the water brought forth the first creations endowed with animal vitality.

If the English verses are prosaic, I have the satisfaction of knowing that by resisting the allurements of rhyme, I have done all in my power to avoid substituting a fictitious and meagre poem of my own for the grand, yet simple and chaste creation of Kálidása.

Part on their altars smokes a sacrifice To that all-gracious Power, whose bounteous hand Supports his wide creation; what remains On living coals they broil, inelegant Of taste, nor skilled as yet in nicer arts 60 Of pampered luxury.

The plot turns on the treachery of a pretended lover, and the author seems to have experienced every emotion of love and hate, jealousy and fear, that has inspired the creations of her pen.

It would have taken Napoleon a whole day to have captured such a fortress; but, remember, poor Napoleon did not belong to the nation that can "whip creation."

Capitalization means the creation of instruments of production.

Cousin Monty strolled up and down, contemplating the really creditable creation of the girls with a condescending patronage that made them feel like small children in the kindergarten.

If we ascribe to the poets the creation of the elaborate mythology of the Greeks,that is, a system of gods made by men, rather than men made by gods,whether as symbols or objects of worship, whether the religion was pantheistic or idolatrous, we find that artists even surpassed the poets in their conceptions of divine power, goodness, and beauty, and thus riveted the chains which the poets forged.

In the third section of this papyrus we find a work which was written with the sole object of overthrowing [=A]pep, the great enemy of R[=a], and in the composition itself we find two versions of the chapter which describes the creation of the earth and all things therein.

Through knowledge we behold the worlds creation, How in his cradle first he fostred was; 500 And iudge of Natures cunning operation, How things she formed of a formelesse mas:

He told me as he had seen all the great Otels of Urope and Amerrykey, but he was obligated to confess, in his own emphatic langwidge, that the Brighton Metropole "licked all creation!"

Baader distinguishes a twofold creation of the world and a double process of development (an esoteric and an exoteric revelation) of God himself.

75 May the unextinguished spirit of his illustrious friend animate the creations of his pencil, and plead against oblivion for his name!

Anyone undertaking the creation of a new organization or the management of a going concern must grasp these facts.

Is it not time that the nation should place first of all on its programme the creation of capable and healthy citizens?

Now, instead of merely being able to comprehend 'God's creation', we could actively control it.

189 Verbs to Use for the Word  creation