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642 Verbs to Use for the Word creature

I think it must have been the terror in my voice, that spurred Mary to run so; for I feel convinced that she had not, as yet, seen those hell creatures that pursued.

" "Oh, oughtn't he to be ashamed of himself, when he knows that I never did kill any absurd creature!" cried the Flowerpot, in earnest deprecation.

I knew the creature, and it was in trouble.

I found her a wild, irritating, unaccountable, empty creature.

Little did he dream that this combination of negative emotions and vivid imagination would bring into manifestation a very unpleasant creature!

But most of all he loved the little shy creatures that lived in the sunshine among the flowersthe small birds and butterflies, and little beasties and creeping things he was accustomed to see outside the gate among the tall, wild sunflowers.

I have left a child, a young creature, unprovided forwithout any one to help her.

Something in me secretly craves an opportunity to tell those precious creatures that the time appears near at hand when this glorious gospel light will shine so clearly that they will discover a Saviour in the secret of their own hearts; and it is to him (I could tell them) that they must look for the perfection of their salvation.

Permit me, dear Lovelace, to be a mean of saving this excellent creature from the dangers she hourly runs from the most plotting heart in the world.

Miss Laura took the tiny creature, and went upstairs very thoughtfully.

Silently, intently, I watched this horrible creature, and forgot my fear, momentarily, in my interest in its movements.

"He is the son of God who, pitying creatures, came into the world and suffered death in their stead."

and, in thy scale of sense Weigh thy opinion against Providence; Call imperfection what thou fanciest such, Say, 'Here he gives too little, there too much;' Destroy all creatures for thy sport or gust, Yet cry, 'If man's unhappy, God's unjust;' If man alone engross not Heaven's high care, Alone made perfect here, immortal there, Snatch from his hand the balance and the rod, Bejudge his justice, be the god of God.

Accordingly I carried Mingo back on my shoulders, but before we arrived at my dwelling, he complained of being hurt, and asked me if this was not a hard way of treating our fellow creatures.

Tell him to think what he's doing, driving poor creatures to despair.

So I held the little creature up, while Peggy carefully tipped the dose down its throat.

Every warm hearted and worthy individual who mentions Howard will glow with an honest, a generous satisfaction, in feeling himself the fellow-creature of such a man.

How am I to meet that young creature?

" If Dora and Amy needed a still lower abyss of humiliation, they found it in this last sentence of Tom's, which showed them plainly what poor creatures he thought they were "naturally" to Tilly.

What can be more proper than to mention one or two of those obvious recommendations of his works, which must lead every human creature to desire a nearer acquaintance.

"Down from Dawson?" asked the bartender hurrying forward, a magnificent creature in a check waistcoat, shirt-sleeves, four-in-hand tie, and a diamond pin.

"Happiness and I are strangers henceforth" But here once again came a hoarse and angry roar with the sound of desperate struggling amid the leaves hard by, whence came Jenkyn and Orson with divers others, dragging a strange, hairy, dwarf-like creature, great and shaggy of head and with the arms and shoulders of a giant; smirched was he in blood from a great wound above the brow and his rich habit was mired and torn.

The stones I stumbled over appeared to be living creatures petrified by magic.

When it was sufficiently close to the shore William Darling sprang out to help the weary perishing creatures, whilst Grace was left to manage the boat unaided.

Descending the Pyrenees, they discerned the ocean in the distance, and had now reached the coast, and were proceeding by the water-side along the high road to Barcelona, when they beheld a miserable-looking creature, a madman, all over mud and dirt, lying naked in the sands.

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