141 Verbs to Use for the Word critic

As a bankrupt thief turns thief-taker in despair, so an unsuccessful author turns critic.

The furiousness of the attacks in this region led military critics to believe that the fall of the city of Riga was imminent.

SEE COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY. Baudelaire the critic.

And when we recall that all this was accomplished not because the Union army was cowardly, ill-led, or asleep, but in spite of Grant's relentless push and an ably led army as brave, wary, and determined as ever marched: let us ask critics versed in the history of war, if books tell of generalship more complete than this!

10 Horace himself would own thou dost excel In candid arts, to play the critic well.

For my part, when rambling in Fleet Street it is a special delight to remember even so little an incident as that recorded of the author of the "Elegy"that he once saw there his contemptuous critic, Dr. Johnson, shambling along the sidewalk, and murmured to a companion, "Here comes Ursa Major."

From information that reaches me I do not at all despair of meeting fair-minded critics of both communities, in spite of the sharp antagonism that exists on many matters between them.

A knowledge of these laws, even presuming them to be accurately expounded, will no more give a writer the power of felicitous expression than a knowledge of the laws of colour, perspective, and proportion will enable a critic to paint a picture.

They answered their critics splendidly and triumphantly by the works of Father Arevalo, S.J.

It was this text that so sorely, but I think very unnecessarily, perplexed and gravelled Bentley, who was too profound a scholar and too acute a critic to admit the genuineness of the whole of that book.

Under these conditions it was not easy to equalise the receipts and expenditure of the island treasury; and the difficulty was not diminished by the necessity of satisfying critics at home.

Wordsworth seems to have read his critics, but though they did their utmost to restrain or silence him, he paid no heed.

" "Pause for a moment," remarks a critic, "to realise the image, and the monstrous absurdity of a man's grasping the skies and hanging habitually suspended there, while he contemptuously bids earth roll, warns you that no genuine feeling could have suggested so unnatural a conception."

John Bond, who published Commentaries on Horace and Persius, Antony à Wood calls a polite and rare critic whose labours have advanced the Commonwealth of Learning very much.]

"He pretends insensibility to censure and criticism, though it was observed by all who knew him that every pamphlet disturbed his quiet, and that his extreme irritability laid him open to perpetual vexation; but he wished to despise his critics, and therefore hoped he did despise them.

The empty pertness, and the vulgar wrong, The flippant folly, the malicious will, Which have assailed thee, now, or heretofore, Find, soon or late, their proper meed of shame; The more thy triumph, and our pride the more, When witling critics to the world proclaim, In lead, their own dolt incapacity.

In the following year Hamsun astonished his critics with two books, Ny Jord (New Ground) and Redaktör Lynge, both equally unlike his previous work.

[Footnote 1: Since this was written, a French critic of eminence, M. Jusserand, has made (in The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare, 1890) a delightful contribution to this portion of our literary history.

The Young Turkish revolution of July 1908, and the triumph of the Committee of Union and Progress, disarmed the critics of Turkey who wished to make the forcible introduction of reforms a pretext for their interference; but the potential rejuvenation of the Ottoman Empire which it foreshadowed indicated the desirability of rapid and decisive action.

Keats showed himself a better critic than the reviewers.

May it tell How long one parent lived, and both how well," &c. When this was shown to the stone-mason critic, (and Mr. Bowles acknowledges he has heard worse public critics in his time,) he observed, that the lines might do with a little alterationthus: "My father, and my mother too, are dead,

But, when men, assuming that respectable office, openly violate all the duties attached to it, and, sinking the critic in the partizan, make a wanton attack on my veracity, it becomes proper to repel the injurious imputation; and the same spirit which dictates submission to the candid award of an impartial judge, prescribes indignation and scorn at the cowardly attacks of a secret assassin.

Fine similies that nothing fit, Joe Miller's, that must pass for wit; The dull, dry, brain-besieging jokes, The humour that no laugh provokes The nameless, worthless, witless rancours, The rage that souls of scribblers cankers (Administer'd in gall go thick, It makes even Sunday critic's sick!)

Should known or unknown student, freed from strife Of logic and the schools, explore my book: Cry mercy critic, and thy book withhold: Be some few errors pardon'd though observ'd: An humble author to implore makes bold.

The incognito of its authors induced some critics to palm it even on such a man as Dr. Johnson; others praised; others sneered at it.

141 Verbs to Use for the Word  critic