47 Verbs to Use for the Word crocodiles

But, in spite of his blooming face, some infirmities he had; and one particularly (I am very sure, no more than one,) in which he too much resembled a crocodile.

" The serpent, then becoming excessively angry, struck the crocodile with his tail, and wounded his loins, so as nearly to break his body.

To kiss the crocodile.

His master, a brown, handsome, big, young shepherd from Tweedsmuir, would have liked to have knocked down any man, would "drink up Esil, or eat a crocodile," for that part, if he had a chance; it was no use kicking the little dog; that would only make him hold the closer.

All the fish were astonished; and, addressing the crocodile, said, "How is this,you that can conquer people and cattle, however large, and anything else?"

nerve and soul to brook The crocodile in fight, that to the strife Singly thou comest, reckless of thy life?"

He that skipped and hummed like a singing-top, where is he gone?"A month after that, your dandees capture a crocodile, and from his heathen maw recover a familiar coral necklace with an inscription on the clasp,"To Johnny, on his birth-day."

" This was awkward for the jackal, but his wits did not desert him; he ran on ahead to the pool and going into the water, caught the one little crocodile which remained, and held it up, saying "See here is one."

Our author has got into a strange dilemma, by confounding crocodiles and serpents under one denomination.

And dreadful to behold, and fearful in the extreme, and resounding with the yells of ferocious beasts, keen edged weapons constituted its crocodiles.

Upon the shore, on a bare rock, I found four eggs containing fully developed young crocodiles.

A prize had been offered for the first man who detected a crocodile, and the crew had now been two days on the alert in search of them.

The inhabitants of the Mamelles assert that it devours young crocodiles.

For instance, the lines beginning, "How doth the little crocodile" are a parody on "How doth the little busy bee," a song which a French child has, of course, never heard of.

The world was full of horror, No bird was seen in air, no beast of prey In plain or forest; from the stream he drew The crocodile; the eagle from the sky.

Woo't teare thy selfe? Woo't drinke vp Esile, eate a Crocodile? Ile doo't.

He might escape the crocodiles.

When his companion warns him that the queen might surprise them, the king answers: When the elephant sees the lotos leaves He fears no crocodile.

I immediately let fly, without waiting till he was within reach, and the report did but enrage him, for he now quickened his pace, and seemed to approach me full speed: I attempted to escape, but that only added (if an addition could be made) to my distress; for the moment I turned about, I found a large crocodile, with his mouth extended almost ready to receive me.

" "And don't forget the man-eating crocodiles that are swimming in the river or lying on the banks.

She gazes up with a weary smile At the rafter-hanging crocodile, The slowly swinging crocodile.

At the end of the Quai of St Lucia is the Castello dell 'Uovo, a Gothic fortress, before the inner gate of which hangs an immense stuffed crocodile.

And the next day, rejoicing, to Allathurion they hauled the dragon-crocodile.

" Hearing the noise a crocodile who lived in the tank poked his head out of the water and began "Well, nephew, what is that you are repeating?"

If all they want is an open-mouthed Member, why don't the Massachusetts men import a first-class crocodile, and send him to the National Menagerie in Washington? * * * * * SPREAD OF AMERICAN PRINCIPLES.

47 Verbs to Use for the Word  crocodiles